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Every meditation we have experienced and each exchange of ideas. The inner resistances and limitations we have encountered as well as the inspired action. Every day brings new threads in the tapestry

We are sharing this collaboration vibrationally with every other awakening herd and horse, equine group and guardian. Together we are bringing in a New Earth, where horses will not need to be controlled by equipment or conditioning, and humans will be guided by their hearts. This adventure belongs to all of us.

At the beginning all I knew was that I wanted to amplify the Voice for the Horse. To understand how they felt about things, and find out if we could collaborate together.

Could we have a two way partnership where we both have ideas, where we both get to choose?

My vision wasn’t about asking the horses if it would be okay for me to ride them. I had already discovered that if I asked without expectations, listened, and rode in a sensitive way, that they wouldn’t mind. They have always been generous and kind. My dream was different from that…

Voice for the Horse

I wanted to know whether a horse would ever invite me to sit on them.

To pick me up and take me, and we could become one being. To feel if we could merge our body and our mind through our one heart and feel the way together.

This is our practice: we stay in this one unique moment together. We enter this moment without a past or a future, with neither a system nor a goal. And in this vast field of potential, we ride together with only our energetic connection holding us together, like a magnet. This is my dream.

From the Beginning

Head-collar Ceremony

The Head Collar Ceremony

February 16, 2020437

The Head Collar Ceremony was a powerful cleansing…

You Are Nature

You Are Nature

March 22, 2020403

I realised when I was out walking with…

Horses and Dogs

The Horses and the Dogs

March 28, 2020366

One of the challenges I have been experiencing…

Healing My Dream

Healing My Dream

April 5, 2020416

Like most people I have a dream that…

Seeing Perfection

Seeing The Perfection

April 12, 2020387

One of my greatest horse teachers, Xas, gave…

Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey With Herd

April 17, 2020317

This week has been a whirlwind of energetic…

The Horse Rhythm

The Horse Rhythm

April 26, 2020281

Part of the journey with my holistic herd…

Survival Paradigm

Death of the Survival Paradigm

May 3, 2020290

This week the herd and I have been…

Planting My Self Into The Herd

Planting My Self Into The Herd

May 10, 2020270

Planting my Self into the herd was my…

Acknowledging The Horses Without Choice

Acknowledging The Horses Without Choice

May 17, 2020282

Acknowledging the horses without choice did not come…


Physiology And The Bridle

May 23, 2020292

We only had two herd connections this week,…

Becoming The Bridle

Becoming The Bridle

May 31, 2020285

Becoming the bridle is happening in energetic process.…

Merging Souls

Merging Souls With The Herd

June 7, 2020276

Merging souls with the herd seems like it…

Mother Willow

Releasing The Tension Spring

June 14, 2020259

I learned about the tension spring when I…

Love Creates Our New Collaboration

Love Creates Our New Collaboration

June 28, 2020435

This weeks discovery that love creates our new…

Energetic Permission

Energetic Permission

September 18, 2020292

The question of energetic permission has been returning…

The Root System Connects Us All

The Root System Connects Us All

October 5, 2020418

Maybe it does take tragedy and suffering to…

Unconditional love

All Love Is Unconditional

October 19, 2020278

How beautiful might it be to live only…

The Wild Is Waiting

The Wild Is Waiting

November 3, 2020279

There is a belief now in human society…

We Are The Eyes of the Universe

We Are The Eyes of the Universe

November 17, 2020294

A beautiful shining truth illuminated my mind recently……

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