How beautiful might it be to live only for love. Melting barrier after barrier, dissolving limitations… becoming love in the same way as the animals seem to be. In such easy accepting tranquility. Can we live only for love? Instead of channeling everything towards survival or towards personal success, could each moment be an exploration of love. 

Unconditional Love

It seems strange when we now live in greater comfort and convenience than ever before, that the value of authentic love in our society has been forgotten.

It is not strange really, but a reflection of the choice to be separate, rather than celebrating oneness. Every little pathway that has taken us further from nature, and deeper into the illusion of separation, in order to gain an imaginary benefit, has also taken us further from love. 

There are so many examples related to horses. Taking horses from the herd where they feel safe and nourished, as one part of the whole. Horse herds move as one, their consciousness merges as they move from resting to grazing to play. 

Separating them out into single units and controlling their movements, reducing their wholeness into less than its parts, so that we can feel closer to them. So that we can feel comforted that they are safe inside their stable, or small paddock, that they are clean and close and cannot make choices to run wildly together in the darkness, free of the clothes we think they should wear and our interventions. 

This artificial life that is such hard work for us to maintain, filters out the essence of horse-ness. Filters out what is nature, what is unconditional love. 

Every single new moment is a new opportunity to shift back, to turn around from further separation, and go back into unconditional love. It is not love to keep a horse safe from themselves, it is fear.

Love creates. Love flows.. just like water, it reaches into all of the crevices, it is gentle and subtle, overwhelming and radical, it is unlimited.

Unconditional love

How can you know if your love is unfiltered.. unconditional? It always is from your heart source. It is always pure and perfect from the open heart. The only filtering and restricting.. channeling into certain areas and not into others… happens in your mind. The intellectual mind will impose itself like an irrigation system upon your open sea of love. It will decide that love cannot flow here, or there. That love is not welcome in this place or this way. It will disfigure and deform the wild purity of your open hearted love, if it is allowed to take over. 

The only way back, is to go back before the mind. Beneath the scaffolding, further within. Beyond the limitations that are not who we are. Where those perfect waters still run free. 

The thinking mind is like a ticket gate that wishes to process every feeling, every state of being, into something else. It makes up its own universe which is based on baseless things. At first it is a struggle to let go of the intellectual perspective. It has become so intertwined, so significant, that living without it seems like suicide. How can you not be part of the race to survive.. the constant process of calibrating what appears to appear before you. To explain and judge and justify? 

Gradually this perspective will become less real. Every time the nature of Nature is felt, just felt, and in feeling, is lived.. experienced in its Oneness: the space between this and the filter of the mind – the ticket gate – is widened. 

There will be more space and therefore more clarity around the choice that is always there. The choice to perceive before thinking. To feel how spirit is filling the physical body. Illuminating every cell. This place is multidimensional. It is close and far, everywhere and in a single place. It is consciousness. Consciousness only knows this moment, and is informed by all knowing. Timeless and spaceless. 

Why is it such a delightful place, the world beyond the intellectual mind? It is where the blood of consciousness.. love.. is experienced in its authentic form, and why would we not choose to know ourselves as unconditional love?

Unconditional love

When love is felt in the little welcome skip of a doggie beloved, or seen in the eyes of a pony friend, it seems to be all about them, their carefree ways and graceful presence.

Yet such love can only be felt in them because the receptors are there within us. 

Our heart is opened and exposing millions of tiny joyful receptors which buzz with love. It is mutual, it is shared, it is one love. This easy, magnificent unlocking of another’s heart is just as reachable a gift for us. For everything around us…ants and mosquitoes, weeds and flowers.. other human beings and even the objects and the vehicles in our life. Everything can be a glittering, shimmering, radiating partner, sharing unconditional love. 

Unconditional love

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