The question of energetic permission has been returning to me again. The nature of permission and how it arises. It feels to be of fundamental importance for human beings in particular. Is it because we forgot about it when our intellectual mind began to take control? and in forgetting about permission, other fundamental frequencies are lost… belonging, acceptance and the magnificence of just being together. 

energetic permission

Magnificence does not feel too powerful a word. It is magnificent to experience authentic togetherness with another being who seems to be separate physically, but is no longer separate in energy. I am often in a different balance, another place from this. There is the emptiness of being disconnected from now.

The chaos of emotions. The discomfort of being overwhelmed by intellectual noise. And entering again into the sharp, intense power of this moment is magnificent. To feel the horses for who they are, to experience them seeing me for who I am… this is the root of existence itself. 

I understood when I entered the magnificent root matrix of the ancient forest where I walk with the dogs, that their tree energy is rooted there. It is rooted in consciousness. Even though the forest itself is being diminished, tree by tree, year by year, that energy cannot be lost. The nature of the roots is such that their energy will re-manifest itself, in another time, maybe in other place, or in another way. There will be joy can be in that manifestation.

Being in that root energy is similar to being in the herd energy, it is breathing in wisdom. I understood that everything we need to know about asking permission for anything is directly linked to intention.

When the ego is taking control, asking for power, for validation for recognition, then permission will be forgotten and we will be channeled away from situations where there is an opportunity to have true influence. The Universal Intelligence can not enter where the intention is not the open hearted offering of our Source.

energetic permission
energetic permission

Approaching the horses in love, and faith and vulnerability channels us into the comprehension that we must ask. Ask if we are welcome, how we can approach, is there something we can offer, or be offered. Energetic permission is a state of being that is created directly from unconditional love.

When there is love, there is awareness and respect. So in approaching the horses, in love with them, you know when you are standing at their boundary. Their magnificence is shining from them, and their power is vast. There is a deep need to be sensitive to this, and to listen to them and to align oneself with them.

There are so many spells of the ego, so many guises. It has become clear to me that the perception of magnificence that is liberated by the circuitry of permission does not diminish our own Self. The magnificence draws us into itself and there are loving arms which wrap around and a memory of belonging. A being part of magnificence that both rejoices in the physical contact between us, and dissolves it. This means that our boundaries no longer feel separate. It is a magical paradox: that the greater our respect for the boundaries of others, the further we go beyond them. To perceive these boundaries is to capture the threads of a whole new colourful world and to draw ourselves into it, and it into us.

In an energetic sense, I feel the dynamic like this. When I open my heart, the love flows out, and the love itself perceives the boundaries, like a thousand tiny tentacles, sensing gently and feeling for where it can be. This is permission. It is a process. It is a state of being. Only the purity of unconditional love can connect with the boundary of another in such a way that there is a reciprocal connection. Like a plug in a socket, or a key in a lock, and the alignment that is generated opens a new flow, a new space. Within this space there is healing, which is always reciprocal. There is contact, there is discovery and sharing of experience. Imagine that the potential is there in every encounter with another being.. this is the transcendence of separation.

The distance healings I have been doing with Gabrielle have been gradually moving from the blueprint dimension into the physical plane. It is clear that there is so much information about these different levels that I do not access yet. Yet there is the subtlest realisation of where the energetic process is engaging, in terms of being. The sense of approaching closer to a soul vibration, or landing deeper into the body. Perhaps perceiving it in that way at all is limited, however I do feel that the matrix of healing addresses the edge between body and soul.. the embodiment itself. 

The healing sessions have focused into the brain stem pattern we both felt together, and deeper into the cervical damage in Gaby’s neck. The nature of that. The spinal cord damage I have sensed has been a single cut, and then damage in the dural membrane surrounding the cord. The specificity of these sessions is fascinating, as well as their uniqueness.

Every time everything is new. The textures, the impressions, the process… It is such a sacred experience. Offering my consciousness as a tool for the Universal Intelligence to flow through and practice. The less intellectual opinions I have the better. Although I do feel that my interpretation of it allows it to be shared intellectually with other people, and that seems right.

At the end of August Gaby was still in the re-education centre that felt so inappropriate for her. It was in some way a backwater, where people were washed up and could be forgotten. One day when we were all feeling some despair setting in, I had a powerful experience in the garden.

The trees of this centre were the counter-balance for the apathy. They were ancient and powerful. This day I felt them joining roots, and I realised that all around us, underneath us, was a vast carpet of roots. We were sitting in a giant cradle of roots. I felt those trees join their roots deeper to pull Gaby out.

At the time I felt it was a call to action, a warning that we must act. But when Gaby was moved back to the hospital the very next day, I knew that the trees themselves had acted. It was at the time of the full moon, and it seemed clear that by the new moon she would be re-planted where she needed to be. Indeed ten days later a place opened up at the Marienia Clinic we were recommended and Gabrielle is doing very well there now. 

energetic permission

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