Jewel and her healing story illustrates what is possible with love and faith in potential itself. I have been exploring distance healing since I realised that it is possible to connect with energetic systems wherever you are. The energetic world is the source of everything we can see and hear and feel around us, existing below and beyond thought.

Shifts and changes in the energetic world transmit themselves out into the physical world. I feel that we have so much to remember about this journey of transmission and how it unfolds. The time and the space of it, and how sometimes it feels instant, yet not always. There are so many factors and the theory is not so important as realising that answers can be found in the energy itself. This is where our true selves express themselves, and anything that is limiting our healing, whether it is trapped emotions or trauma. Re-patterning, uploading new perceptions and physical healing can all be facilitated by tuning in and receiving the flow .  


This is the recent healing journey of a beautiful mare called Jewel. She was receiving incredible care in the physical world, and I was practising distance healing for her in the energetic world. We live nearly 8500km apart, but in energy there is no distance.

This experience was particularly beautiful in that I knew nothing about Jewel’s situation until the healings were finished. This allowed me to meet her in a place of clarity with no intellectual preconceptions or influences in my mind. 

8/1/2020 I had a session with Jewel this morning.. it took her a little while to come into a connection and then there was a lot going on! It settled into a real heaviness in her shoulders, as if she had an extra burden over them weighing her down. Then we followed the pattern down  into one knee, the bones felt exposed and there was some damage. Then, possibly connected, there was an extreme twist pattern in her neck. All the time the focus was touching in and out of the atlas – occipital connection, but after her neck pattern it went deeper and there was a  long healing in her cranium. Including a frontal bone  de-compression.  Her teeth came up at one point… the molars, they felt a bit unsettled. Then it moved into her thoracic spine finally.  

11/01/2020 I worked with Jewel again this morning. This time the focus went straight into her front leg again, there was a bruised sensation in the shin bone then a feeling of abnormal straightness in knee, that it would have difficulty bending. Then there was a mounting sense of profound weakness in the whole leg, as if it was bending and not supporting weight. A sense of weakness in the bone itself which gradually concentrated down into the forearm, and finally midway down there was damage in that specific area.

The resolution was unclear, so I tuned in to her whole body, and there was a powerful twisting at then LT junction, which slowly developed into profound aching in both hip joints. There was a displacement/grinding maybe in the cartilage, then her whole pelvis felt sore. That was affecting her thoracic spine.. shoving it up into compression. There is a sense of acute of injury or trauma, and something extra blocking or freezing the healing. I want to follow into that. Rescue remedy also came into my mind for her

22/01/2020 I felt called in to Jewel again this morning. There was an initial sense of healing having been happening, things were  calmer with more flow through her spine. Then we went into her digestive system, and there was some kind of imbalance, it focused in her kidneys, which felt  overloaded slightly. There was a sense of whatever she is eating being too rich – hay came through energetically – although that doesn’t seem to make sense intellectually. The focus then shifted quite abruptly and there was that sense of her knee, too dry and tight, but it was just a flash.

Then things settled into her spine at the withers, there was a long healing, there was deep inflammation, it felt like a source area. Then an amazing kind of re-growing of her whole spine, becoming straight again. It was very powerful, connecting into her pelvis eventually and down into her hips, re- aligning them. Then there was a whole body re-integration, it involved her ribcage and spine but I could feel it activating on a cellular level, raising the vibration. It felt like she was healing the trauma I sensed before. It was very positive and determined, maybe even a sense of pushing it through.., making it happen.

27/01/2020 I checked in on Jewel this morning and we ended up going through quite a process. First I felt the soft tissue (ligaments and tendons) of her front legs, they were developing/healing and I could feel the connection into the back of her knees. There was a young sense like a foal, then a sense of the whole leg (the bone orientation) and how it connects through to her shoulder.  It seems to be an issue with her (later on the back legs too) there is a focus on alignment and straightening. Then we went into her lumbar area, the first ones around the LT junction. It started with one vertebra in particular then radiated out through that whole area – I could feel that her healing power is much stronger and more organised now. It is connecting more directly with her blueprint.

Then I got the muscles on her croup were solid, and following that in, there was a deep pelvic holding. That released out into the muscles – then there was the same sense of orientation through her hind-legs being odd. They feel that they aren’t bearing her weight properly. It is a kind of jumbled  feeling – I keep sensing it is a bone issue, but the trauma is gone now and her system is awake – the healing engaged. Back into her lumbar then there was a related organ which was probably the large intestine. It was clear that there was a section with low blood supply, it felt weakened. We acknowledged it and then her system seemed tired. It wasn’t fully resolved but it will keep processing. 

Parallel to the distance healing work I had been doing with Jewel, she had been undergoing a whole process in the physical world. Allison let me know the details:

I have been meaning to clarify what happened to Jewel and how amazing you are! She had emergency surgery on her right front leg to straighten and strengthen her leg (from the knee down). She now has a large plate and screws to stabilize the leg. She is still in rehab/ recovery phase and is doing really well – even the surgeon is/ was surprised with how well she has been doing. Everything you felt from her and worked through with her makes complete and total sense and I saw large improvements of her after your sessions.

Her spirit/ attitude and the support she has received from everyone who has touched her (physically and spiritually) has made her being alive a reality. Thank you, thank you to both of you (Camille and Sharon) for all that you have done for her! It was challenging, but when there are people like you two, who look for possibilities and take into account all of the parameters, anything is possible. 

Allison Elizabeth Kraft (Sharon’s wonderful equine manager)

Sharon Miller, Jewel’s guardian, facilitated the surgery on her front leg which had been deformed from birth. Sharon is always incredibly positive and pioneering in the care of her horses.

Her progress between January 3rd and February 28th

Jewel’s story is inspiring because the energetic connection can become a part of everyone’s life experience. It is an inner world which is accessible to us all in each moment. Every time you tune into your body and leave your thoughts behind for a moment. Your focus into the vibrational can also from outside of yourself. You might feel a spark when you pass a magnificent tree, or notice a shiny new sapling.

Maybe you sense a shift in your mood around horses, or dogs. If you have the ability to sense the mood of your partner, that is the threshold of distance healing. If you develop the focus to stay aware of the changes the channels like those with Jewel will open. This is the portal to a vast dimension which is not an escape from the ‘real’ world, but the key to unlock it.

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