Golden Surrender

Golden surrender is a state of being I have been blessed to come into, in the company of the horses. We didn’t create it, because it was already there.

Sometimes being human feels like a conflict between the power of my mind and the openness of my heart. I know that if I allow my mind to run unchecked, making up a story, it will have the power to influence my feelings. Is this the habit of western society, where there are hardwired patterns of thought that keep some people ensnared their whole lives? Patterns of thought like success is how much money you can make and how many others you can influence, or how many objects you can own.

Over time it becomes clearer that this route of the mind doesn’t really offer fulfilment. It seems to, because at each external success there is enough of a boost to take us to the next challenge. The joy is limited however, because there are so many conditions attached. And the conditions tend to multiply with experience! In other words we need more and more evidence in our lives that we are succeeding in order to feel happy.

golden surrender

Although I feel that I have understood the lack of authenticity in this pathway for a long time, understanding is not quite the same as fully living the authentic pathway. Yet this is where the horses are leading me.

Being with the horses isn’t about thinking or deriving joy from an identity. It is a multi sensory experience of living, and opening my heart to it is the way in. Every resistance that arises is met with a gentle, yet pervasive coherence. Just like water. Soaking, filling and teasing apart the superficial web of what is not true.

The truth is that we are already joy, and nothing else is necessary to experience it. Only an opening heart.

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I Am Not The Trainer

Maybe it is possible to work with horses without being a trainer. Perhaps it is truer to say that we are all trainers, leaders and guides for each other. Could it be that the true trainer is the Universe itself, and we are all here to offer our individual gift. A gift which unfolds the whole process of bringing Oneness here fully on earth. The further we enter as a herd into the framework of training the clearer this integration becomes.

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This Is Partnership

I asked myself, why am I so passionate about the quality of my relationship with horses? Why has it become the deepest, most precious heart of everything? The only way to answer that is to describe what it is. How we connect, the energy between us, our partnership, this is our oxygen. It is all that exists. The relationship is the place in-between us that becomes us. Without the relationship, there are no horses, because without the relationship I can’t see or feel them, and they can’t see me.

Anything and everything we do filters through our relationship… is formed by it. Without the dialogue, there is no meaningful doing. Trust, vulnerability and unconditional love, this is partnership.

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