The Portal of Grace

The Portal of Grace is a space we can open between us, humans and herds, and beautiful gifts flow through. The external uncertainty of this process we are in as a herd is a constant reminder to trust my inner guidance. Every time I look outside for results that can reassure, or ideas that can provide resolution, I don’t really find much! Except of course for the clear love and glowing happiness in the horses to tell me nothing is missing.

One time when I was with the horses, I felt the imbalance of me perceiving myself as in front of the herd, trying to be the responsible party, to assume leadership. There was a clear energetic process as I felt my Self that was sticking out in front melting and dissolving. Then there was a sense of us all aligning into the frontier that is moving forward. We are all moving forward as one, bringing this in.

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The Subtle Dialogue

Being invited by the herd to be in their presence, and even to sit on their backs is the greatest blessing I can imagine. This is manifesting now. Largely because the horses have been able to share with me through subtle dialogue their natural rhythm. The way we humans have created such pressure of time in our lives has had a major influence on the way we interact with horses. We put time limits and rules on what is possible which can easily stifle a newly forming vibrational reality.

The Herd

To align with the herd and become part of their world, the subtlety of it, takes time. When I say time, I mean accepting the gentle flow of change. Allowing it. Listening to the truth that doesn’t make itself obvious at the surface.

It is a truth that is quieter, gentler, less about ‘what is’ and more intertwined with dreams and potential and possibility. It is like a spider web in its delicacy, and yet its innate strength is what changes the world. 

So throughout my experience in this life it has, for whatever reason, been essential to remember that rhythm. To gradually disengage from the pressure of the human rhythm, and allow space for the horse. Inside of that has been the understanding that it is not exclusively ‘horse’ but ‘Nature’ and ultimately that is human as well. In our modern life we tend to ride over the top of this one-ness and then we can’t hear the subtle dialogue itself.

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Love Creates Our New Collaboration

This weeks discovery that love creates our new collaboration has been so unique and yet so familiar. The end of the circle, bringing us back to the beginning. The deeper we go into the energetic exploration of our relationship, the more intense the processing and purification seems to become. Digging into places where ancient darkness comes to light, and rising up and up into vibrations of togetherness we have long since forgotten. I notice that even though each session with the herd reaches such mystical heights, in-between it is easy to forget and succumb to negativity. Maybe this is the nature of forging our way and creating a new path.  

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