Like most people I have a dream that is so precious and important to me, that without it I feel my life is not yet perfect. Most of us believe that there are things we want in life that we don’t have. As horse guardians there are precious dreams long held.

My Dream

Perhaps your dream is being able to ride a horse with which you have struggled or been hurt by in the past. Or developing a successful training relationship with a special young horse. Perhaps it is performing in a particular competition, or an intention that may seem entirely different, such as simply being able to spend quality time with your horse or your herd. It is not the nature of the dream itself that defines its significance, but the fact that it is still a dream. Seemingly out of reach and beyond experience. 

Like many others I have studied spiritual texts, and I understand that accepting a theory is not the same as living it, as being it. The root of the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Assumption, is to resonate with whatever you wish to come into your life. How do you do that? You can imagine it is happening, feel how it would feel and raise up your vibration until it comes into your life. This is an achievement and not everyone has this focus. It is a beautiful gift. Will there be another dream after that? A higher level to reach? Will it ever be enough?

It has often occurred to me that my life has unfolded in a way that was so intricate and so perfect, that I could never have planned it out in advance. Many of my dreams have come to be, whether it happened in the way I imagined or not. The journey has not been about reaching dreams, but about releasing limitations about those dreams. In fact it has been remembering how to release limitations full stop. For I cannot really know what my dreams are if I have not yet lived them. Therefore my life has been perfect. Every step unfolding perfectly to bring me to the next place I needed to be. Does this not mean that my life is perfect right now?

This is a powerful thought. It is an even more powerful acknowledgment. Letting it sink in deeper and deeper, from the intellectual mind at the surface right down through my whole vibrational being. My life is perfect. The ego might leap in and ask me now ‘so then you do not need your dreams?’ … that feels scary, it feels uncomfortable, like making a sacrifice… letting go of the ‘solutions’ I have constructed for my life. Then I remember that this in itself is a limitation. The realisation that my life is perfect is the sun, the deepest heart of contentment. It is when every aspect of life is liberated from strain, anxiety and burden. It is Home.

In choosing to release this limitation which is clouding my ability to wholeheartedly embrace the perfection of my life, I think of my most precious dream. The dream I have held close and never truly questioned. The dream that will be enough to fulfil my life, after which I can retire from dreams and let go.

holistic healing

This dream is wishing to ride my beautiful mare, Quaramba, without force. Developing a magical, mutually therapeutic dressage connection with her that surpasses any experience until now.

It will be the pinnacle of our relationship, the oasis of fulfilment where we can both drink.

The crystallisation of everything I have learned, and for her the most profound discovery of her potential. Her fabulous paces and her intelligent mind. 

When I think of my dream there is inspiration and excitement. I can see that the Universe has conspired, embraced and supported the realisation of it.

Yet there is also anxiety, and going deeper, a heavy band of control which wishes to manipulate the circumstances in apparent favour of the dream. This tight band sucks all the oxygen out and makes me feel wooden and trapped.

When I focus on this I see that I have a choice. I can step out into the sunlight where the arms of potential are waiting like grass waving in the sea, and Trust. Or I can stay here, separated from the vastness of un-channelled possibilities, clinging on to the intellectual construct of my dream. It is a simple step, yet it requires faith. Now I feel sadness, grieving for my dream because it has been abandoned. 

It is okay to let it go. I can feel now that letting it go has dissolved the mould which could only create a shape I fabricated in my mind. Now that it is gone, the whole Universe can shape the dream, and this one will reflect the wisdom of the Whole. Already I feel closer to Quaramba, and the herd, that we are all one being, including the trees and the dogs and the sky and the earth. Everything is possible and everything is perfect, right now. Perhaps this is the dream. 

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