I realised when I was out walking with the dogs recently, that it is not just that I love nature, I am nature… the realisation was not a thought, but a feeling. It was a sense of physical belonging to the earth and everything that grows.

A comprehension came to me in this moment that I am not a human who is part of destroying the planet, but an expression of this planet.

There is no judgment outside of the human mind, because we are the inventors of judgment. Perhaps that is not an accurate word.. inventor.. maybe we are the bearers of judgment.And so it is our job to express it, explore it, and find a way to release it from the planet.


In the same way as we will release our belief in separation. The separateness in our consciousness has created the physical separateness in our lives. The comfortable, yet somewhat artificial bubbles we have created, which seem to sit just outside of Nature. 

When I felt part of Nature I knew that I was supported. We are all treasured and loved and believed in, just as all of Nature is. Even thinking about that facilitates another thought of separation. That if we are treasured, then someone, or something, outside of ourselves is doing that. The concept of God or a parent figure… Nature itself.

Yet we are Nature, so we are treasured and loved because we treasure and love ourselves. In going beyond the ego resistance to loving and treasuring myself, I feel the Oneness again. The warm buzz of responsibility that comes from brotherhood with every form of life.

The relief of knowing our human mask is not in control of this planet, that we do not hold sole responsibility. The responsibility is shared amongst all of us, to walk our individual challenges and bring them to the conscious light of the whole.


This virus will expose our weaknesses and remind us of our strengths. Individually, with our own personal consciousnesses, we have the opportunity to resonate with our strengths or our weaknesses. How marvellous is that? The freedom of it, to be able to choose whether we get caught up in our thoughts or whether we remember how it feels to be connected. 

Horses have taught me that abundance is a state of being. A feeling you can experience as you go about your life. It doesn’t depend on what is written on your bank statement, or how many packets of pasta are in your cupboard. When you can feel abundance vibrating in your cells. When it is tuning your energy, you become an open channel. A channel which both receives everything you need in each moment, and flows out everything you wish to give.

It is a perfect optimum, nourishing your needs on every level: physical, emotional and spiritual. If there is a lack, it is an indicator of where you are ready to heal and grow. The lack is akin to a hole in your channel that requires your courage and your awareness to get into that place and acknowledge that it exists. Acknowledgement is all that is necessary to signal to all of nature that there is a hole to fill, and it will be filled. 


It seems that the less supplies we store up to comfort our fears, both physically and metaphorically, the greater opportunity is given to Nature to demonstrate miracles.

Trusting that you will be supported is deeply challenging in many ways. Yet it integrates you into the Oneness so profoundly. It melts the separation that only existed in your mind, and releases so much abundance in so many ways.

Trust, faith and belief are abundance, which is flow, which is the nature of Nature itself. When this completion can fill your awareness, you will know that there is nowhere else to be. But in perfect contentment.  

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