Giving the Horses Back Their Power

Over the summer we have been facilitating a profound transmission as a herd. Giving the horses back their power has been an unfolding energetic process. First recognising the human projection that has arisen as a result of the control paradigm we exercise over our equine dependents. Then after the projection was resolved, the horses’ power … Read more

The Portal of Grace

The Portal of Grace is a space we can open between us, humans and herds, and beautiful gifts flow through. The external uncertainty of this process we are in as a herd is a constant reminder to trust my inner guidance. Every time I look outside for results that can reassure, or ideas that can provide resolution, I don’t really find much! Except of course for the clear love and glowing happiness in the horses to tell me nothing is missing.

One time when I was with the horses, I felt the imbalance of me perceiving myself as in front of the herd, trying to be the responsible party, to assume leadership. There was a clear energetic process as I felt my Self that was sticking out in front melting and dissolving. Then there was a sense of us all aligning into the frontier that is moving forward. We are all moving forward as one, bringing this in.

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What Is Vibrational Creation

Why I Chose To Listen

Vibrational Creation is a phrase that has been coming into my mind recently to describe the journey with my herd. About six years ago we decided to put a more conventional training approach aside, and focus on our energetic communication alone. One of the most important intentions I started out with was to respect the horses wishes at every stage. I didn’t want our dialogue to be only for special occasions, or forgotten about when something else became more important. This is why we were able to attract a situation where we had the freedom to do that.

The listen in every moment approach feels so important because there were so many times previously I felt that I had to push over boundaries to achieve a connection. For example, ignoring when a horse didn’t want to come in the field to be ridden, or when I was about to mount and they were saying no. The same moments came when trimming feet or tending to a wound. There were always times when I would smooth over or jolly past that no

Despite enjoying the freedom of deciding to both listen and respond to what I hear, I am not saying that it is right, or the only way. In certain circumstances now I still do that. For example with our boarder who is being ridden more conventionally. If he feels a little uninspired, I help him to feel curious, and he enjoys our session. There is definitely a place for being the guiding light and a leader. Especially if your intention is still in the horse’s and their guardians best interests.

A New Way

I didn’t choose to listen to my horse’s opinions because I think it is always wrong not to.

I chose it because I know there is something to learn from horses. Something big and powerful and transformative. Something I can’t see the edges of yet. And yet I knew that if I listened deeply enough, and allowed the dialogue to flow enough, and expanded my horizons enough, we would go there together.

I also know that these particular horses have chosen this role. It is why they insist on certain things. They are creating a new pathway for all horses to choose to follow or not, but clearly it isn’t the right or the only way.

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Being The Open Platform

The Open Platform is the feeling between us when the horses invite me to be carried by them. In fact it is the sense of invitation in every way. Into their space, to hug them, groom them, care for them and just be with them. That sense of solidity, of trust, of openness. The way the energy radiates outward and embraces us. It is fun to find names for the new stages of our process as a herd. It also feels good to let those names be light and changeable, to come and go as we continue to grow.

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