Discovering the energetic merge came about by integrating a therapeutic approach into my horsemanship as opposed to sticking to ‘horse training’ mentality. The main difference between the two is the intention behind them. In the therapeutic approach the intention would be to improve the well being of the horse. A horse training approach tends to be more about the well being of the trainer or the rider.

Although it is not helpful to say that the horse trainer approach is ‘bad’, what I would say is that it is disadvantageous, depending on what you wish to accomplish.

If your ideal partnership with a horse is based on mutual trust and freedom of choice, then your intention must prioritise the horse’s well being.

In my experience if you don’t consider the horse’s wishes first, then they will become insecure in your presence, and everything from then on becomes unharmonious. You will have to push through more and more of the horse’s boundaries, and end up with a horse with no confidence and no opinions. This is exactly the same result as with a child who is steam-rollered by adults into obedience. This is successful in making them fit in with your wishes, but who they are is suppressed.

Who the horse is matters a lot to me, as I’m sure it does to you. If horses don’t express their personality then they are not able to interact with us. A horse like that feels like a blank, unresponsive wall. It is common for people to fill in that blank with their own personality, ‘anthropomorphising’ the horse, but the first time you really feel a horse, that won’t be good enough for you anymore!

The Energetic Merge is important to me because it is the ultimate connection with the genuine horse. It happens at different levels of intensity, and with different focus. It happens all the time for many people and they wouldn’t necessarily put it into words. The more you can become aware of it though, the deeper it can influence your interactions and the more alignment you can reach with a horse.

The Energetic Merge is my way of describing a state of connection people can reach with horses that allows us to be on the same wavelength, both figuratively and literally. It is a fusion of energetic boundaries which means we can share feelings and understand each other.

It allows a whole new way of working with horses that is both force free and conditioning free. Horse and human can be themselves and relate to each other without one or other of us feeling taken advantage of or insecure.

Energetic Merge

The Energetic Merge happens through connecting energetically with another being. Although doing it consciously is the result of mutual awareness, it can come about in a natural way. Like those mythical old horsemen who have a way with horses, or little children who are able to connect with animals in a purely intuitive way. Anyone can experience the energetic merge if they wish to. It is a practice, similar to mindfulness, which brings you into the same frequency as the horse.

When you reach that place, you feel safe with horses, their behaviour makes sense and you feel like you are party of the herd energetic connection, and work towards an energetic merge in any situation you like.

Meeting up with the herd in the field, trimming a nervous horse or sharing an emotional trauma for example.

It does require a centred state of mind which is not always straightforward, but even just remembering that it is possible to ‘tune in’ every time you approach a horse will bring you closer. It can direct everything you do from a place of  comprehension, not because you think something, but because you can feel it.

One of the most inspiring features of the energetic merge is the way as a horse guardian, you can make everyday tasks and procedures with your horses become positive experiences. In fact I would say they become healing experiences. Instead of having to impose something on a horse, you can share a therapeutic experience with them. This transforms your relationship. You start to become a safe haven in their eyes rather than a possible threat. Not because you are offering treats, but because being in your company feels good.

The energetic merge is accessible to anyone who resonates with the idea, and is interested enough to practice. Connecting energetically is about focusing your awareness. It is a meditation on the relationship between you and your horse. When you begin to be able to sense what is there, in each moment, you will start to understand how acknowledgment liberates a process. This process is your path.

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  1. Lovely so read a post about the deep connection I too feel with horses and other animals. It can be so subtle at times and then profoundly moving at other times. It really does feel like a scared connection doesn’t it? Working with equine reiki it happens a lot, but anyone can do it if they learn and open up to the stillness. Thanks for writing this post!


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