Distance Healing with Jewel

Jewel and her healing story illustrates what is possible with love and faith in potential itself. I have been exploring distance healing since I realised that it is possible to connect with energetic systems wherever you are. The energetic world is the source of everything we can see and hear and feel around us, existing below and beyond thought.

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Following The Energetic Connection

Following the energetic connection has gradually become my vocation over the last five years. Before this purpose became so clear, I had been exploring how to tune into other animals energy, and people, for a long time. I had limited this to the category of ‘healing’ in my mind and in my life. Then one day it occurred to me to see if I could feel it while I was actually riding a horse. 

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Finding Cooperative Balance With A Horse

Horses have a natural tendency to put themselves in what could be called an ‘uncooperative balance’ relative to people when they are defending themselves. We may feel that they don’t have any need to defend themselves in their interactions with us, but often our demands are threatening to them. For example putting them in a … Read more