Therapeutic grooming is an exercise in mindfulness. It is an opportunity to express our willingness to listen to and comprehend the horse. There is no agenda other than the horse’s well-being.

Often I start by presenting myself and the brushes, and making my idea clear to the horses. They already know by now that they have choices, and most of the time they make it clear what they want.

In the video Marie and Quaramba were enthusiastic, but Cheyenne was not interested at all. Other times Cheyenne will come and ask. This is the beauty of dialogue, it is a way to actually get to know the real personality of horses. If they are not encouraged to choose what they want, or are always restrained in a stable and/or tied up, then how can they express themselves?

Horses groom each other in this wayThe magic of connecting with horses is that we too can learn how to perceive in a profound way. We don’t have to be a stranger to the horse’s language, it used to be our language before we became almost entirely intellectual.

therapeutic grooming

Choice is possible in everything we do with horses.

Therapeutic grooming can introduce us to the sensitivity of the horse in a natural way. It is possible to practice, and receive clear behavioural feedback.

The main thing to remember is to stay focused and present. If your mind starts to wander back to thoughts again, the communication channel will be interrupted.

While practising mindfulness with therapeutic grooming, you might become aware of injury patterns in your horse. Perhaps trapped nerves or restricted muscles. You might feel emotions that you are channeling for the horse. You may even tap into the feeling of energetically merging with your horse. This is a profoundly healing experience for both of you.

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