I can help with your riding posture and technique, or feel into the emotional bond between you and your horse.

Perhaps you have a young horse you wish to go forward with in a mutually beneficial way, or you have an older horse with more chronic issues.

Maybe there is nothing seriously amiss and you would like an outside perspective to confirm that. You may have one specific area that is challenging, such as handling feet or loading in a trailer.

You might be looking for an extensive assessment of your relationship in order to pinpoint any fundamental improvements you could be making.

Holistic Video Consultation
  • The way you are relating to your horse physically, emotionally & energetically.
  • The way your horse relates to you, and possible reasons why.
  • Which elements of the partnership that are working well.
  • The aspects of your relationship that might need improvement.
  • A comprehensive guide as to how you can continue to develop.
  • Practical advice concerning equipment and technique.

The colour coded, engaging design in itself is motivating. Along with the highly individual plan designed only for you and your success, nothing can stop you.

I am offering you a considered and valuable assessment coming from over twenty years of teaching and therapeutic experience.

The video consultation embraces the holistic aspect. It will take into account your horse’s lifestyle and management as well as the emotional dynamics and the methodology of your approach.

A full video consultation is €150. Please fill in the form below and I will contact you.

Let me know your future goals and any issues about your relationship and send me a short video, ideally between 10 and 30 minutes long. 

Make sure the video communicates the current situation with your horse.

You can also send a video of a previous time to illustrate your progress. If you prefer we can also arrange a recorded video call to discuss the situation in real time.

Video Consultation Details
Please enter a url for your video. You can upload your video on YouTube as unlisted so it will not be visible to others unless they have the link.
Let me know about your progress, what you are interested in achieving and whether you feel there are any blind spots.