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holistic healing

All healing is essentially a release from fear. Being healthy is our natural state, because our vibrational identity is whole and perfect, and our physical bodies can reflect that when we let them.

In linear time all species on earth have been evolving by experiencing life, and have adapted over billions of years to function perfectly. This process creates a blueprint, it is the ultimate data bank and therefore the referent point for our systems now.

As soon as it is stimulated the healing intelligence will refer back to its blueprint to coordinate healing. This is not a resource we talk about much in our society so far. So its power has not been recognised yet in the mainstream. This is beginning to change as coherence is rippling through our collective consciousness.

What matters is that we do not need permission to liberate our own ability to heal. It is the innate power of our consciousness. All you have to do is become aware of how you are feeling and receive the balancing process.

Every time you feel what your own body is telling you, your healing intelligence is engaged. This kind of awareness does require some practice. It takes energy and a reasonable level of commitment to become sensitive to what is happening in your bodymind. Even ten or fifteen minutes a day is enough.

There is great healing potential associated with the animals in our lives. Learning to listen to the authentic needs of another species can introduce us to unconditional love. And developing an understanding of their way of perceiving the world has allowed us to dialogue in the universal language of energy. Working to clear all agendas and expectations of them to uncover the deepest intention, their well-being.

Holistic Healing

This metaphysical dimension is ancient as well as vast. Beings with higher intelligence exist throughout the Universe. Our species is relatively young and inexperienced in exploring the healing pathways. At this time we have been going deeper and deeper into intellectual thinking and exploring those possibilities. Losing touch to some degree with the vast capacity of our sensory perception. So we have lost faith in our ability to heal ourselves.

Now is the time for us to rediscover that power. We are discovering individual creativity, as the illusion of separation plays out. All of us are part of this process in some way. This incredible process of rediscovery. Why we have chosen to embody here, and what we are capable of. The meaning of disease and health, the joy of expanding sentience.

Addictions and distractions can indicate imbalances from which healing opportunities can arise. Limiting beliefs, which are rooted in fear, will manifest in a loss of the natural coherence of health. Even just being able to describe what we are feeling without attachment is a great leap back into balance. A healing process can be a way to achieve greater clarity and presence, acceptance and limitlessness in our whole being.

We’re not here alone, and the support in re-aligning with coherent patterns of health is vast. Both in other embodied beings and those in spirit. We tend to think of them as disconnected or archived somehow, but they are as present and current in their existence as us, only less limited. Asking for help and being willing to receive it is a gift and a miracle.