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My experience in distance healing began when I was practicing Craniosacral Therapy and I developed the ability to perceive energetically. I realised that healing my own body and emotions was possible when I acknowledged whatever was limiting the energetic flow. It also became clear that the same acknowledgment could initiate healing in others.  

Although the concept is relatively simple, to listen to whatever is occurring energetically and stay with it without judgment or expectation, it does require practice. Opening a healing space in this way asks for the ability to tune in and concentrate.

It is inspirational how many people are willing to experience distance healing even when they are unfamiliar with perceiving energy themselves. They do feel the benefit, and are often surprised by the accuracy of the analysis of themselves and their animals.

distance healing

In my mind everything is possible in the energetic world. I have experienced some miraculous healing shifts, as well as gentle, straightforward improvement.

It does not seem mysterious or fantastical because I can feel the changes unfolding.

During a distance healing session I interact with the healing intelligence of the recipient themselves. Tuning in to a specific symptom can restrict the healing potential, so I prefer not to know too much of the medical or emotional history of a recipient.

A request and an intention will find each other easily through vibrational pathways, so finding the right person or animal is straightforward. I like to use a familiar name when tuning in and inviting a recipient. I also prefer to correspond with a recipient when it feels right intuitively. The recipient always has the choice as to whether they wish to be reached in energetic healing . If they are not ready they may be difficult to reach or fade away during a session.

It was Querida who was very clear she wanted a treatment this morning! She was waiting at the edge of the herd and she said ‘Follow me’ and then she turned round and kind of drew me into left shoulder.

There was a long time of feeling the hardness and gradually the displacement of that shoulder, the way it doesn’t integrate, then a gradual deepening into both shoulders. It reminded me of the heavy wood feeling in trees but not so tough.

Then whole imbalance of body – right foot overburdened. The pattern feels like it sources from her growth in the womb, it’s more developmental than injury based.

After that we very deep/slow unwinding for a while and then just like that there was a sudden release – the crystals really disengaged and it was as if she was a bit lost.. Some integration started but it almost felt too soon?

distance healing

Since developing my distance healing I have started to feel an affinity with crystals. I always liked their appearance and finding that they had healing properties which I could sense was very exciting! Crystal power is relatively accessible. When a crystal is charged up, most people can feel something in them.  At first when I held them while I was doing the distance healing I found that the session was more powerful and it was easier to focus. As time when on I became more aware of the individual personality of crystals, and their unique vibrations.

Part of learning CranioSacral therapy was learning some anatomy. Some people advocated visualising the anatomy during a treatment, whereas I resonate more with  allowing the information to flow in uninfluenced, to receive rather than initiate . In this way I am not bringing preconceptions into the session. Everyone works in a different way however, and there is no one right way. Choosing a crystal is similarly an intuitive process for me. Their different properties are interesting, but I prefer to ask them in the moment and choose the one that calls for an individual recipient.


Crystals have many ways of engaging in healing.

  • Crystals can add energetic potency and clarity.
  • They are very helpful for defining vibrational states and creating connections and integrations.
  • They can absorb restriction patterns within themselves.

Many years ago I had two horses in my herd with a chronic conjunctivitis in one eye. I released my fear around eye problems first, which were no doubt limiting the healing.

I used coconut oil to soothe the eyes during the healing process.

Finally I used crystals in one remote healing session per horse. The crystals absorbed pattern so they became the injured eye. It was like holding the eye in my hand, I could feel it’s density and it’s texture, the damage and the way it was unwinding and healing.

This photograph was the morning after Xas’s distance healing session. The discharge was gone and her cornea was entirely clear.

I am delighted to offer Distance Healing freely as this feels most joyful and unlimited. After you receive your healing, if you feel it was beneficial and you would like to donate this would be received with much love and gratitude, but it is not necessary or to be a concern for you in any way. We are all supported and bringing the faith and acceptance of this into our society is a gift.

Distance Healing
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