The Holistic Approach

The holistic approach to horsemanship is to place the wellbeing of your horse at the centre. This makes decisions easier as each part fits into the whole, like a crystal. There is a coherence in every aspect that aligns the next and so on. For example when your horse goes barefoot, he can live more safely in a herd situation, which is better for his emotional health and makes him calmer when you are working with him.

When your horses are living in a herd it is easier to choose not to feed them concentrates as their days are more full. Consequently they will not hang around wanting a feed, so the gateways stay undamaged. The horses become more independent and their gut is healthier, preventing ulcers and they feel better. They feel better so they are more relaxed and open, and you feel closer. There are many, many happy little cycles where the positive consequences feed back into each other. 

Happy Horse Happy Human eBooks

I have written three books which outline the holistic approach and how it relates to working with horses. Successful connection grows out of a solid management foundation. I also offer several pages of information here on the website about holistic horsemanship and its benefits. All of the information is based on personal experience with horses from all walks of life.

Many of those horses came from troubled backgrounds where they had reached the end of their usefulness for humans. Some were physical breakdowns and others were emotional. These experiences were a great gift in learning what can bring balance back, even in extreme situations. Now my herd is remarkably happy and healthy, and we are forging new concepts of what working together can be.

Holistic Horse Management

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