Herd assisted healing is a name that came to me for the energetic flow I have discovered in the horses’ presence. It seems to have appeared quite suddenly, but when I look back it is more of a culmination of our journey together. This page describes the sessions we do for recipients who cannot be present in person. If you wish to visit the herd in person click here.

I have been developing my awareness of the energetic dimension for a while now. The energetic dimension is available to all of us in every moment, and we don’t need anything to perceive it beyond our own consciousness. There are no rules and it is not complicated. It is however quite different from the intellectual pathways we are so familiar with, which is why practice over time is the key. 

It seems that in discovering my own process of experiencing and interpreting energetically, I was able to tap into the horses’ awareness. The process has gradually become more fluent and recently I found that when I record our sessions, I can just talk and the herd wisdom flows into my mind and out through my words. 

herd assisted healing

Horses are healers. Not because they learned how.. although maybe they did. And not necessarily because these horses are special, although some are certainly more engaged than others.

It feels to be their nature. And I imagine that this is a function of all animals. Animals are the expression of abundance and are here to receive. They are the vibrational manifestation of open hearted being.

We will usually start a session together, although sometimes the herd will be doing different things. It does feel right to mention the different behaviours that happen throughout a session. When an individual horse approaches or leaves, if they are indicating something physically or acting out a part of the energetic story that is unfolding.

In general however, our work is not in the physical realm. We will embrace where we are in the present moment and drop down, gradually, or rapidly into Source energy. My part is to witness the process.

First I connect myself into my vast self, and interweave with the herd and their vaster being. Then when it feels perfect we invite in the person or animal we are offering the healing to. Following this an energetic process will unfold, embraced and supported by the herd.

Sometimes a session will be about a situation or an event, a relationship or even a state of mind. This powerful herd space can embrace everything.

The magnificent light beings in this herd are all deeply rooted in their Source. I mean by this that they are deeply connected in communal mind. Their lifestyle is an expression of their one-ness and the herd are together when they eat and sleep and travel about their territory.

I have understood not to separate an individual horse from the rest of the herd against their will. I have learned that this reverence for the herd’s togetherness liberates them from tension when they are apart. We are also working together in the creative process of bringing voluntary riding into being, and I feel that this encourages flexibility in our interactions.

I have come to understand, in seeing this herd grow roots, how magnificent they are in their being-ness. Their power cannot be underestimated. The beautiful life they have manifested, the paradise in which they live, which is mirrored from inside themselves. It can be seen in the friendships they have fostered over so many years, and the value of the present moments we have shared together in mutual awareness. And now they have seized this opportunity to be heard, to ripple their wisdom out and to create together.

Herd assisted healing seems to bring awareness to the way a recipient flows their source energy into their physical body. Sometimes the focus starts in the physical realm and radiates outward from this patterning into the essence of the resistance. Sometimes the whole session is more of an energetic metaphor which facilitates a shift in the physical realm. Other times an energetic question arises which is answered in the process.

There is so much beauty in the way the horses create and so much diversity and imagination. Every time we gather there is something new. Often they use their innate feeling for pressure and forces and they can be giant capacitors gathering energy like a massive battery to boost up their recipient.

The horses are masters of creating different mediums or fields of energy. The mediums may be stimulating growth, and often they are pure support. The mediums vibrate in a rainbow of different colours of love. The herd will also create alchemical spaces to develop a vibration in their recipient, just as photographers develop their images. 

It is not important to validate the outcome of the sessions in terms of symptoms in this world. Yet I know that there is great power in the healings. I know that the herd assisted healings align and cohere and harmonise on so many levels and in so many ways. Sometimes the recipient needs time to open and receive. The unfolding will often call physical events and resources into action. 

Herd assisted healing is a resource for all forms of physical and emotional disturbances. It can embrace and simplify the dying process and facilitate the opening of new possibilities. The focus is always opening and clearing the access to Source, and the herd amplify this for others through their own robustly activated Source connection.

This session was for a mare who has been exploring her physical existence through a number of sessions. One of her symptoms of disharmony would be periodic laminitic events.

The Question

We’re just inviting Twiggy into one of these spaces.. or all of them…and we feel her landing, feel her very graceful, very soft like a seed, like a dandelion seed, she feels like she might be overwhelmed by this ocean, by this choppy ocean, we’re just patient, don’t resist the process, just allow.. allow her to be consumed, by the sea. Aimée is close now, hugging close, tuning in. There’s a sense of energy, light, in bands coming up from the bottom of the sea, to cradle her, Twiggy, in her sensitivity, in her delicacy, to protect her, there’s something in the integrity of the herd space, an ancient family, embracing each member, each… light being,

and now we’re feeling into the place where the light band meet Twiggy, there’s a sense of a gateway into the physical.. we feel like we’re going right into her feet, straight away. Right into the coronet band, a sense of the coronet band being tight like a draw string, a feeling of ripping, the tissue, we can feel the damage in the tissue, just allow it to be felt, the nature of it, very raw and rough and harsh… very harsh,  very physical, in matter, feeling the support system for this, there is a question arising.. my question perhaps.. why this, why this suffering?

The Answer

Feeling for the root of the suffering. There’s a sense of something greater, a greater perspective, a sense of having known the answer, having been the answer… now we’re feeling that it’s changing to a more distilled sharpness, it’s not so rough and fibrous and crude feeling, going into the essence, of pain itself.. it’s a chemical feeling, associated with the adrenal glands.. something to do with language, that pain is a language here on earth that we have to learn, that we’re here on earth to speak. There was a strong pull towards the intellectual mind there, and the wish to expand upon that, so just breathing that out and staying with what is… yes, Aimée is agreeing.. staying with what is, come back to the herd, there’s a sense of the herd almost being the distillers of this chemical essence.. 

Roles of the Herd

it reminds me of chemistry and the titration that we did, there’s a feeling of titrating out this chemical formula of pain, some of the horses, Marie and Honey and Gorrion, are unsettled as if they are manifesting or representing the part of consciousness that doesn’t choose or wish to engage with this process and then Rafi and Totti and Quaramba are deep in the process, deep in the pure titration, and Aimée, Aimée is the in-between, she is doing both, she can be in both places, she joins us together.

The Resolution

So we’re staying with the titration and we’re feeling so much being evaporated, taken out of this pain, feels like liquid is evaporating and we’re left with a crystalline kind of residue and it feels so sensitive, so sharp, like glass, so vicious in a way, the power it has… does it have power? It feels like it has power, in this context. Yet the herd are not closing to it, their energy is very particular, it almost feels like they are changing matter into energy, like changing stone into gold…they’re taking the crystals and they’re melting them.. they’ve a kind of heated… a consciousness that is somehow linked to temperature, but also chemical, it’s difficult to interpret, taking the power out of these pain crystals. That’s what it is.. it’s like a chemical reaction that renders these crystals benign, there’s a sense of benign, neutral, charge free, benevolent… benevolence.

In this herd assisted healing we were inviting in a beautiful dog who had lost the use of his back legs. Often the horses will come forward with a wisdom or an ability they can offer personally, and they do this within the support of the herd field. This time Rafael actually inserted his own being into Eskil, in order to help him to awaken in a particular way.

The Transformation

We are feeling how our feet go into the ground, here in the barn, feeling the energy come up into the horses’ feet, sense of Rafael entering himself into Eskil’s field, bringing his great power, his being-ness, my mind wants to leap ahead and make ‘doing’ and he reminds me that the being is the source of the power.. the awareness, the awakening, the consciousness, the heart, the strength comes from there, and I can feel it transforming Eskil’s field. It’s the knowingness, the knowing of our existence, it’s to do with existence, claiming existence here, in the body.. this is creation..

The Gift of Presence

…it feels like the sun coming out, for this idea, something about limitlessness, now being touched by the awe, the emotion of it, joy, wonder, that we can be here. That we are loved here, so deeply, that we are love. There is no need to hold on to anything. The more we let go, the more we connect with the electricity of life, of consciousness, the more we hear.. and this union, this being-ness that Rafael brings into Eskil’s field, this is somehow everything that there is.. this gift of presence..

We Are the Creators

and Eskil feels asleep right now, sleeping the most peaceful, beautiful dream of support, as in the womb, so embraced, so perfect, and Rafael is so real. His body is so real. His knees, we can feel, his spine, his nostrils, his skin, and the way that this is him, this body is so him. And yet, he extends so far beyond, and so far within. There is no space here, because the within is as large, is as vast as the without, there’s some kind of inside out, and the power, the leverage of that, is informing Eskil, in the deepest sense of embodiment. The blueprint, the plan, how do I inhabit this physical form.. I am the creator. I am. So much emotion again, could be my emotion, just the wonder of this.. so incredible.. and Quaramba hugging so close. 

One miraculous energetic spell the herd will weave I have named the vortex.

The horses will initiate a spiral of flowing energy, often anti-clockwise, and this brings a great leverage into the situation. They have generated these vortices for those who need help to return to their physical body.

Other times to support a profound shift in perspective, or to reignite the magnetic forces within the body. It feels as if the herd are moving around in a circle when they do this, and often in their physical bodies they will gather in an unusual formation.  

The following herd assisted healing was another time the herd created a vortex. It was a similar transformational process, with such a miraculous energy. It was an honour to experience, and the recipient, a dear friend, felt the shift although she was not physically present.

The Galvanisation

Breathe in her energy, as rays of light, we can feel the rays of light.. so beautiful, how they light up. Sense of the horses, the horses are coming into a vortex, clockwise direction, they’re standing in a formation as well. There’s a vortex building, receiving the rays of light, that is Jennifer. Just feeling this. There is so much energy galvanising now in the herd! There’s a sense of being swept into this… energy… of this vortex, it’s becoming anti-clockwise, it’s done a shift now, and it is swirling.. I feel that it is swirling the softness in, from Jennifer, I feel her.. every swirl of the vortex some softness is absorbed.. swooshed..breathed. And the herd…vast energy…the herd are somehow transforming this softness, into… we don’t know… we don’t know yet.

The Non-Resistance

There is this feeling of this vortex, this cyclone, tornado, growing and building and so much…power, so much power, and readiness, and trust, that there has to be trust.. deepest, deepest, heart, kernel, core, point, of trust. Trust being… the trust is the point of creation of the vortex. This is a word.. trust.. it means.. non-resistance, it means… wisdom, it means standing in the centre of What Is, and allowing it. Ahhh.. now we can feel Jennifer’s being, her….body, I don’t think it’s only body.. her full being…within the vortex now, hands outstretched, and this light.. there’s a light there… sooo bright. This light is the soft energy. Soft energy that has become One.. is what happens to the individual when it becomes whole. 

Joy in the Herd

And there is a joy in the horses now, they are endorsing… validating…appreciating this merge. This incredible transformation. There’s a feeling of, trying to place this, in the context of the intellectual world, and that is coming up short, so just returning to the energy, feeling the eternity of it, the waves of becoming one and knowing oneself individually, and then becoming One. Knowing oneself individually, and becoming One, that’s the rhythm of life. The joy of merging, the light, the growth, the expansion…. There’s a sense of latent energy now, energy everywhere.. potential.. amplification… peace… and coming back into the physical world. Into the shell.

The following herd assisted session was such a profound session for a beautiful dog being named Jessi.

herd assisted healing

One of the best parts of our sessions is how much the horses love to do this! How happy they are when their wisdom and creativity is seen and felt and appreciated.

Their generosity is boundless, and their giving comes back around to raise their vibration even higher. It feels amazing to be part of it, and if you are resonating with this, the herd are here for you also.

This photo shows a magical light in our session with Resha

Oh my! Dearest Camille-  I felt it!  All day…. a feeling of lightness,  happiness…  a lifting of superfluous, 3d density! Just look at the wisdom and knowing of being in the expression of the horses!  It’s truly amazing! Thank you so very, very  much for this merging experience…. for calling me into the herd energy. I’m forever changed,  lightened,  enlarged— merged! Oh my! What a profound experience…. and I *did* feel it– not knowing the immediate Source and now understanding, of course: Source!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  and on to infinity. Thank you and the herd,  Beloveds!

Resha Sabre
Testimonial Resha

Herd assisted healing is supportive of any physical and emotional troubles, as well as helping to open spiritual portals of awakening. It can also soothe and help complete the dying process. You will receive an audio file of the healing as well as a transcript. The sessions do not require you to be here physically as they work in the energetic dimension.

It is a joy for me and the herd to offer the herd assisted healings freely without payment. If it is a joy for you to make a donation because you felt a benefit, and/or your heart guides you to, this is wonderful but not at all necessary. Together we are embracing a new paradigm where flow is ease-full and we know how deeply we are held.

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