Giving the Horses Back Their Power

Over the summer we have been facilitating a profound transmission as a herd. Giving the horses back their power has been an unfolding energetic process. First recognising the human projection that has arisen as a result of the control paradigm we exercise over our equine dependents. Then after the projection was resolved, the horses’ power … Read more

Golden Surrender

Golden surrender is a state of being I have been blessed to come into, in the company of the horses. We didn’t create it, because it was already there.

Sometimes being human feels like a conflict between the power of my mind and the openness of my heart. I know that if I allow my mind to run unchecked, making up a story, it will have the power to influence my feelings. Is this the habit of western society, where there are hardwired patterns of thought that keep some people ensnared their whole lives? Patterns of thought like success is how much money you can make and how many others you can influence, or how many objects you can own.

Over time it becomes clearer that this route of the mind doesn’t really offer fulfilment. It seems to, because at each external success there is enough of a boost to take us to the next challenge. The joy is limited however, because there are so many conditions attached. And the conditions tend to multiply with experience! In other words we need more and more evidence in our lives that we are succeeding in order to feel happy.

golden surrender

Although I feel that I have understood the lack of authenticity in this pathway for a long time, understanding is not quite the same as fully living the authentic pathway. Yet this is where the horses are leading me.

Being with the horses isn’t about thinking or deriving joy from an identity. It is a multi sensory experience of living, and opening my heart to it is the way in. Every resistance that arises is met with a gentle, yet pervasive coherence. Just like water. Soaking, filling and teasing apart the superficial web of what is not true.

The truth is that we are already joy, and nothing else is necessary to experience it. Only an opening heart.

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The New Ride

The New Ride is a name for what is unnamed as yet. A miracle unveiling itself so gently, so perfectly through deep dialogue with the herd. I haven’t written a blog post while this miracle has been conceived and is beginning to germinate. I have not felt ready to share. Now that the moment has arrived it is very exciting. After five years of going deeply into the listening process with the horses, things are clicking into place. The process is alive of course, a perpetual growth, and I had to become what I was seeking enough to be able to see it, to begin to understand it…

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Wayfaring with the Herd

Wayfaring means to travel on foot. This feels like the perfect expression of our journey right now. Together, free, exploring and close to the ground. Letting the ground lead us. It’s been a little while since I have felt inspired to write about where we are as a herd. Although things are growing more widely and deeply than ever before. I have come to think of us as one herd now, all of our family. The oneness isn’t in our behaviour or our individual shapes and energies, it is in the borderlines that connect us together. The boundaries which are places where we touch rather than separations. The places in between where we merge. 

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