The Root System Connects Us All

Maybe it does take tragedy and suffering to happen in the world we perceive with our senses to remind us that love is the source of everything important. There seems to be a sense of seeking purpose at the moment in the human collective.. we are awakening to the root system of ourselves and our alignment with everything that exists around us.

I have been feeling the call to return to who I am, to nature, togetherness, becoming stronger every day. There is a blankness about how that will manifest.. a willingness not to have to know. A faith that it will unfold. Every time I stop being distracted and allow the wisdom to surface, I see that love directs everything.

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Energetic Permission

The question of energetic permission has been returning to me again. The nature of permission and how it arises. It feels to be of fundamental importance for human beings in particular. Is it because we forgot about it when our intellectual mind began to take control? and in forgetting about permission, other fundamental frequencies are lost… belonging, acceptance and the magnificence of just being together. 

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Love Creates Our New Collaboration

This weeks discovery that love creates our new collaboration has been so unique and yet so familiar. The end of the circle, bringing us back to the beginning. The deeper we go into the energetic exploration of our relationship, the more intense the processing and purification seems to become. Digging into places where ancient darkness comes to light, and rising up and up into vibrations of togetherness we have long since forgotten. I notice that even though each session with the herd reaches such mystical heights, in-between it is easy to forget and succumb to negativity. Maybe this is the nature of forging our way and creating a new path.  

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