The herd is bringing in the New Earth. This is what I have been training for, perhaps this is what we are all in training for. Our own creation of the New Earth is happening right now.

Knowing the difference between not minding and not caring is not the same as genuinely living the difference. Choosing not to care is sometimes a way of shutting off to something that hurts.. being unable to address the way it feels. Does not caring really exist at all? Maybe not, as we are all beings of light. Light embraces everything.

The New Earth

When I was able to discover the genuine peace of not minding what happened in the human relationships in my life, it began to radiate out into my relationship with the horses.

Not minding is loving, accepting, absorbing, and allowing the wisdom of the Universe to unfold. Sometimes the allowing can start on the thought level, just a decision to stop interfering and thinking I know best.

Then there is enough of a space for the Universe to respond. 

The space can also be directly opened on the level of truth, in consciousness itself, the energetic source of all that we can see and feel. Sometimes this level of perception is called a sixth sense, yet it seems more appropriate to call it the fundamental sense. It is the root of perception.. the basis of all. In connecting with the fundamental sense, the space for not minding is opened. It is so vast and all powerful that it can be scary at first. It untethers everything that seemed important, and in doing so releases pure potential. This alchemy was happening and finally opened my eyes to what is going on here for me and the herd. 

We are creating the new earth.  All of us. The new earth is the awakening of all, every part of the outward, physical life will remember itself. The darkened places will be lit up with the Source. This is so vast.. the blades of grass will see themselves, and when we look in each others eyes we will see the love within us seeing ourselves. The herd showed me clearly.. the new earth is a new relationship. It is the mutual dialogue, the willing togetherness that I don’t know if I have even dared to dream about.

This willing togetherness is not fabricated out of bribery or demanded by force. It is seen, in full awareness, every moment. It is lived and breathed. To spell it out.. as they spelled it out for me.. the horses will come to us if we call, and we will go to them when they call, and together we will create a new interaction.

They will come to us for who we are, and we will follow them for who they are, and ultimately there will be no difference between follower and followed. Imagine that. It is surprisingly difficult to set aside the old conditioning, the routines and the traditions which have protected us from awakening for so long.


Horses have not been given the choice to work with us, because they would choose not to. This elemental no has been well hidden, we are masters at hiding the no. We hide it under the horse’s biological needs, mainly their desire to find food. Sometimes there is no human desire to even hide the horses no, it is simply ignored and the ignoring is justified as horses need a purpose, they come to enjoy work, they don’t have a right to choose, they don’t know what is good for them etc..

This was not wrong, it is a product of the earth we have made from separation. This can be felt when you go deep inside of yourself, to the space where you do not mind. Here there is no value in hiding or ignoring another beings wishes, because at the level of Source, we are all one being, and therefore we are hiding from, and ignoring ourselves, and that is not seeing. The only truth is to see what is. 

The New Earth

It has taken us many years to peel back all of the layers until we reached this magical portal.. the elemental no. First all of the layers of conditioning had to be undone. Assumptions that went so deep we had forgotten they existed at all.

The horses had forgotten what it was to make a choice for themselves. We were machines together in the factory of separation. It made no difference who was captor and who was captive, it was the interaction that was built of false foundations.

Over time we have remembered what it is to listen, and that we are all blowholes in the ocean of the universe. One blowhole breathing the source through to be seen by all. The horses gradually re-embodied themselves fully into presence. They were always there in the larger dimension, but when the space was created in this physical reality for them to return, they came back. Joyously into their full and magnificent earth personalities. They are alive. You can see it in their eyes.. so bright and penetrating. And of course, fully ready to provide the elemental no, when it was required. 

Sometimes, years ago during a riding session, or in groundwork with a horse, there would be times when everything flowed so easily. There was a transcendent sense of harmony, an ease and a feeling of breaking through. It comes to me now that this was not necessarily because we had reached a pinnacle of physical achievement, where everything fell into place. This was not a result of work at all. It happened when for whatever reason, that day, that horse said yes, I am willing in this moment. This was the feeling of true togetherness.

In those days we always felt that we reached the horses mind through their body. That when their body would straighten, and balance and relax, then their mind would align, and the willingness would be there. Certainly the attempt to condition a horses mind directly results only in a disconnection and disfigurement of the true nature of a horse. Considering this former dynamic now, from a different perspective, it was genuinely how it happened: the unlocking of the body did influence the mind. An indirect rendering of neutrality, clearing the forest so exploitation could begin. Surely this is the paradigm of separation itself, where there is one leader and one follower, a one-way chain of command. This may be a noble undertaking, but it is planted firmly in the old earth. It is the old earth, and it is being outgrown. 

Speaking with Quaramba and asking her if she wanted to work, for herself, to give her an opportunity to fully express herself. I was holding the bridle, and I offered it to her. Fully open to the dialogue.  Her reply was so clear and passionate, without hesitation, she said “but I have to be free!”

She could not adapt her whole Self into such a limited physical situation… after that, she invited me to follow her into the herd, and to feel deeper into the present, and sense the connection between us just as it we can interact in freedom,  without imposition…human and horse, together… it was so powerful, the energy swirling around us all.

The New Earth

There came a sense of two directions: inviting and therefore being followed and being invited and therefore following. I began to engage with this and felt how it is being part of the herd web… we are always connected.. yet being with it, feeling it, amplifying it is therapy.. an exercise.. a stretching. Engaging with this was a powerful practice, requiring absolute presence in energetic flow.

Sometimes the horses came over to say Hi, to touch into the interaction behaviourally, but mostly they were grazing.. yet channeling so much energy, the whole herd energy. There is an understanding surfacing that the connection is with the whole of consciousness, there is no for me or for you… only for us.. we do this together for the Universe..and it is the New Earth

Sunday the 22nd of November

I realised recently that I had been exploiting the trust bond we have strengthened between us in remembering who we are. When we would merge our boundaries and go into a state of vulnerability and one-ness, my ego would perceive this as an opportunity.

A horse in this tranquil state will always oblige, you can carry on and put on the equipment, ride, train, whatever. This is certainly a step beyond the anxiety that can be generated by positive or negative reinforcement (conditioning).

It was nevertheless still invited with an agenda, based on a concept of how things should be. Not a genuine creation germinated within the present moment. Even within this state of deep merge, deep one-ness, the doing was one-way, the intention was imposed, the direction was turned back around and the light was lost. The horses agreed that they were obliging me.. and I came to see that this is not our path. We must express authentic unity, not try to use connection to carry on the tradition of separation.

Our path is to bring togetherness into this reality, in this earth, and create a new relationship entirely. 

The New Earth

Standing with Marie in the barn and becoming aware of the birth of the new relationship. I invite her into my space, to engage with me. She agrees and enters my space, a full, elemental yes. Her steps into this are golden dust and we feel the depth of the yes together. We breathe and touch noses together.

We do a few more steps and each one is utterly mutual. This feels so new and green. And then she is tired and I am too. Well maybe not tired, but in need of processing and acknowledging fully this magical new dance.

I understand that my energetic knowledge of the engagement on a biomechanical level is not obsolete.. it is essential in the new earth interaction. It will find expression through the new channels of duality that are only just opening and forming. 

Sunday the 29th of November

How challenging it is to conceive of something that is not yet born! Perhaps it cannot be conceived of, because that will chain it back down with words. Just to remember again, over and over, this is entirely new and everything is possible. So delicate in its germination, so vast in its potential. We do not need to know the plans. The instructions come through us, as soon as we stop minding what happens. As soon as we are listening to each other. 

Rafael was standing on his own outside the barn. When I approach there is a sense of him waiting for me. A mutual acknowledgement of the freedom of our exchange, the potential. That this is it. Inviting him into my space I realise that in fact he is inviting me into his. I let the wonder of this sink in. I am aware of the ancient nature of his being. Perhaps he has been waiting his whole life for this. I become aware that his energy is completely dissolved.

I cannot sense his body. He is showing me how to merge fully, he is showing me how to invite fully, to be followed, to be leader. Following him a few steps, practicing being dissolved fully, and the trees join in with the wind through their leaves. Then the herd comes out and Rafael remains fully dissolved, and they see him so clearly! He follows/leads and I feel one with the herd movement.

Cheyenne walks past, acknowledging within the merge, without physical exchange.. Quaramba comes close into my space and nibbles my snow boot lining. She is so playful and friendly within the merging, we go on and Honey joins in. Rafi waits to see if I have understood. He gives me a sense of the session being finished, and he starts to graze. 

Monday the 30th of November

Our first two interactions manifested the two parts of the duality, to be followed and to follow. This is the linear expression of the mutuality, and I sense that this is the foundation being laid. It is the left and the right, and an intertwining will form itself which reaches out into the higher dimensions.

This path does not feel easy, it seems utterly unsupported in the present earth paradigm, and yet so fully supported in the new earth. The division between is harsh, and there seems to be only one or the other. Recently when I start to lose faith and become burdened by pain body, a visitor will arrive to remind me that there is only one reality. Grandmother dragonfly came and sat on my hand and sang her song of the new earth. This is when we will remember that we are also Nature. We cannot live apart for ever from who we are and that will reflect itself in all we see around us. 

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