Since my sister Gabrielle came to continue her healing process with the herd here, we have an opportunity to explore herd assisted healing in an unprecedented way. Last year our lives changed dramatically when the accident happened. Both of us feel that this phase of that change is deeply in alignment with our soul purpose.

Equine Therapy

Almost every day we have engaged in the healing process. Gaby was paralysed in the accident, and in medical terms she is quadriplegic and has practically no hope of further recovery. Fortunately for us, the medical opinion holds little weight, limited as it is to the level of matter. 

The inspiration of working in the energetic dimensions continues to expand, and we have been exploring whichever different matrices arrive. Sometimes the simple energetic connection of mutual perception is enough. And yet there is a magic in this process that seems to shine through in different ways. The day I happened to visit the Phenomenal tree, and later on the ancient tree wisdom came through so powerfully in our session. Gaby lined up her electric wheelchair to face the tree where he-she stands a few kilometres away.

There was the portal that Epona opened up in her passage out of her body. There have been vivid experiences of past lives, and more accurately past deaths, and clear parallels with this one. 

Energetic Connection

The most remarkable matrix, if there can even be a comparison, has been the herd itself. The name Herd Assisted Healing came to mind for this phenomenon we are discovering. Yet it conveys nothing of the potency, the intensity, the relentless generosity of what these horse beings are offering. The healing happens in the energetic dimension, so it is not visible to the eye. The herd tend to call us, or things arrange themselves that way. On days when the horse flies have been numerous, the energy is more ethereal. It expands into the wider energetic planes where the horses retire for some physical peace… leaving their bodies to manage. 

Every session has been a revelation… learning from the masters of energy. The way they use pressure, geometry and metaphysical dynamics. The intuition they have for climbing through dimensions, opening a magical space and proceeding without hesitation. Their herd structure is a fundamental part of their participation, perhaps their greatest tool.

Herd Assisted Healing

They may begin together and branch off, when an individual will shine through. Then they will express a particular gift, a vibration, the manifestation of a healing personality or a perspective. And a core group will stay to hold open the channels.

They will also leave our physical presence without the slightest hesitation. Yet only when the process has crystallised, or they are no longer necessary. And it has become clear over time that the physical distance between us is a relatively minor element.

Individual Gifts from the Horses

Near the start of our sessions Totti came forward to breathe in Gaby’s entire system. We could feel her absorbing everything. She began to show us how to weave gold from the pure source energy of helplessness. Another day Rafael stepped forward and I could feel him embodying an ancient Native American wisdom. He was manipulating and exploring Gaby’s spinal cord injury itself with sensitive energetic fingers. This kind of awareness is not my natural tendency, as I generally stay with the physical and energetic processes themselves, so to feel this so lucidly was an experience! 

Honey offered her horizontal strength. The solid power of her lumbosacral junction and her intricate sensate knowledge of the innate dynamic of the pelvis. These gifts were amplifying Gaby’s ability to sit up. Another day Aimée created a healing space just like a growth medium. It was a living soup of energy that surrounded the pattern of Gaby’s upper body that we had been connecting with. 

There was one healing where the whole herd had surrounded the tiny baby body of Gaby and created a deeply supportive, yet extreme pressure. After some minutes the pressure transcended her into a much higher vibrational plane. It felt like outer space, and in this plane floating there was a holographic sense picture of Gaby’s cranial mechanism. It became clear that Marie was able to access this plane. She entered as a very old female healing presence, pure white as she is in this life, and she accessed the blueprint of the occipital bone. Showing us that this blueprint is not so much a written plan, but a little pocket of God. A pure potential that exists at the heart of each physical structure of the body.

The Question of Interpretation

There are too many such gifts to describe here. Every minute with the herd is filled with the crystallising of this lava flow of intelligence. Each time the horses offer these incredible abilities as individuals, that horse would always approach us physically. This felt to be a part of the process.

They were certainly checking in on the behavioural level, perhaps stimulating the release of their powers. This is not something that would happen outside of these sessions as the horses have their favourite places to rest.

Herd Assisted Healing

Of course the herd assisted healing is interpreted through my energetic perception and Gabrielle’s awareness. I feel a little restless with this. It seems that such a practice is not about individuality, a personal vision or gift.. but ought to be shared and felt and experienced by many. Can it be validated and consolidated and radiated out? and I hope that this will happen one day. The leverage, the raw power of it is not some ego fantasy that is unfolding in my imagination alone. Gabrielle certainly experiences the physical pathway, and the roots of the energetic dynamic. And in the physical dimension she is stronger, more awakened, and readier to walk again every passing day.

Just before Gaby arrived here, I was engaged in the birthing of a new engagement with the horses. It was becoming clear that there is a process that is not guided by us, the human being at the centre. We have our part, as another cog in the wheel, but the centre is something greater. We are creating this by engaging together in the present moment. This became clear when the horses followed the same sequence of exercises despite being at different stages of gymnastic development.

When they were beginning to stretch and engage their postural ring, they all began to infuse with energy for trotting. Marie and Honey offered it themselves. I helped Quaramba by showing her how she could channel her energy into trot. This supports her as she had some concerns about her ability to balance. My part in our dynamic as with the horses, is holding the space and focusing on how we feel now. Engaging both physically in the postural ring and energetically through consciousness.  

My last groundwork session with Quaramba was clarifying the relationship, and the limitations in both of us around it. The theme coming through in the universal intelligence was to make one out of two. Opening up myself to allow Quaramba to flow through me. Quaramba opening up so I can flow through her. Merging voluntarily. Quaramba has reservations about this.. she is a deeply independent spirit on the physical plane. My limitations seem less clear (of course). Although one morning I woke to the sense that my heart needs to open more for this. Is this why we appear to be detouring into herd assisted healing?

This horse human merging could be an opportunity to heal separation. To re-pattern the primitive relationship of intimidation and submission that is our current choice as humans interrelating with horses. Look at any popular horse trainer and there it is. The paradigm of cherishing results for themselves has long precipitated the appreciation of other forms of connection. The entire lifestyle of a horse is often fabricated into the narrow channel of human agenda, from birth until death.

I have come to understand that each horse guardian has to make this leap for themselves. The day will come when they will realise. What they can do with a horse. How the horse obeys them. How quickly they can train the horse and whether the horse is willing will no longer be the question. The day will come when they are ready to take away the frame they are fitting the horse into. When all they want is to allow the horse to fully express their own framework…

This is such a heady, wildly liberating moment… the rapid expansion of illumination that opens your heart to breaking point…
I do not have to tell my horse where to stand, how to stand, what to do. I can just be here and listen. We can just be here and listen.
To the Universe itself. 

Horse Assisted Healing

The leap has to be made in every situation. Repeating, remembering, again and again until all of the barriers and the traditions and the routines come gently melting down.

This is the time that you start to perceive just a trace, a glimmer of the magnificence of this horse being before you.

It occurs to you that this is a higher soul, an ancient wisdom. And that doesn’t change your friendship which is more solid, more real, more joyful than ever. Now that you can perceive what indeed they are, these horses. Their infinite gentleness, their guilt free fierceness and their wisdom. A wisdom so primitive and yet so refined that it stretches out across eons.

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  1. “their guilt free fierceness” : Teddy pushing Taz into the fence… as witnessed by Sabinananda Ananda in her Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening on Sunday. Part of understanding how all the energies of fierceness and aggression that we humans find so hard to cope with fit into All There Is. This horse behaviour can help us release ourselves from the victimhood that has become so virulent in recent times. Taz brushed aside the possibility of the status of victim offered her by Sabina by simply walking away when Sabina tried to commiserate with her for Teddy’s violence. We can learn to do the same and find a way beyond separateness to the Vastness of the clear soul-state in which although infinitely different we are all one. It is for the victim her/himself to brush the status aside…no one can do it for them.


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