Engaging with this moment is nothing more that accepting how you feel and being with it. A lot of the time we set up different ways to avoid feeling how we are feeling. Distracting ourselves with books, television and computers. When we are spending time with horses it can be a great opportunity to let go of those defence mechanisms and become still.

Horses don’t attempt to plan ahead and make sure they will be alright in the future. They don’t worry about how they might have behaved in the past. They just flow with life, and because of that they are satisfied because life fills them right up and moves on through them. When we can recognise that magic in them, it will be in us. Even if we only allow it for a little while, it has been there once and it will return.

Being present is being able to let go of thoughts that are either taking us back to past events, or inventing the future. It isn’t easy to free yourself from time-based thoughts just because you want to. Horses can show us how to do it because they represent presence. They live in that space, and if we want to find out about them, to feel their personalities and sense their outlook, we have to find them there.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, if you can spend enough time being close by to horses and take some time to observe without intellectualising and  listen without reacting.  Absorb their essence instead of imposing your own wishes. Allow their honesty and their acceptance of their circumstances to influence you. Even without concentrating on it you will begin to vibrate with some of their peacefulness.

That peacefulness isn’t necessarily expressed in what they do. Horses might exhibit aggression and fearfulness in their actions. The peacefulness is at the vibrational level. It is the fact that they embrace each moment. They accept whatever happens to them without hiding or distracting themselves. Maybe they have to fight or run or hide as a result they will do so. They never second guess or block the flow before it fills them up and sets them on their path.

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