The soul journey is surely the authentic purpose of our existence. It seems that the main reason it feels inappropriate to fix goals and attract certain outcomes in life, is that those goals and outcomes are only relevant to the intellectual perspective. Ideas which are centralised around personal ego. Even your own passion can become limited by focusing on where it needs to go, and how it has to get there. 

soul journey

The greater the acceptance of each moment, of being here in this body at this time, the freer the willingness to listen to the deeper voice of wisdom, the closer it is possible to align with the soul journey.

I do believe that sooner or later we all awaken to this. Events happen to channel us and open up opportunities. Sometimes, maybe always, those events are dramatic and full of apparent suffering. I say apparent because, suffering only exists if it is chosen to be felt as such. Suffering is another word for growth, change and transformation.

In remembering how to listen to the voice of universal intelligence, it has become clear that what I thought was my purpose was only ever a stage. Believing it was all about being the best rider I could be, and that riding with the posture and riding intelligently was the goal. Gradually understanding that the horses themselves were offering a different opportunity. To enter with them in a state of mutual comprehension, which is so powerful, and so fulfilling, that it is everything there is. And now another portal has opened, altering the balance again, returning to the human relationships, weaving that same wisdom back into the human family. Bringing the vulnerability and the love that the horses teach. 

The energy that has been infused into this soul journey is incredible. Practically every day I am invited into supporting another magical energetic healing session. It feels like a masterclass from the Universe. The horses are so deeply engaged with this process, this is their passion, this is their world. 

Instantly into the top of Gaby’s head, between the parietal bone and the frontal bone. Realising the tightness there, more tension would not be possible. Exploring this, supporting this, travelling along the parietal suture, a little deeper in. How can this ever release? Long time of gentle waiting, engaging, now the crystals are searching down into the sphenobasilar joint, they are going right into the very heart of the joint. Where the sphenoid sits on the occiput. Deeper than that, they go into the bone itself and I feel them searching for the nerves, they feel them as tiny little crystals in the bone.

They are turning them back on simply by recognising that they are there. Feeling love for these crystals eventually we begin to shift into the cranial membrane.. the falx cerebri itself, it feels so dry, like a sheet of dried out bamboo. So completely lost. The crystals study this for some time, we explore the dryness. Now they are going deeper again, seeking into the cells for the true nature of the membrane. I become aware that they are looking for the regenerative cells, the mother cells themselves. They know their nature. Now I can feel Gaby when she was learning to walk, I can see her in the garden in Scotland, and there is a process happening, going back to the cellular memory of this time. The birth of this manifestation in the mother cells.

Now I sense that a permission is needed.. a permission, or a choice, a willingness.. in Gaby herself? patient, listening, feeling the quietest acquiescence. The gentlest yes, almost too faint to hear. It is enough for the crystals and now there is an updating happening, I don’t understand all of it, but I can feel the nature of the membrane returning…so supple and alive. And now we are in the attachment of the membrane at the top and I realise we have come full circle back to the crown area at the beginning. It is the crown chakra, and it is opening. I can tell this is new. It feels miraculous, like entering a new awareness, a new perspective, a new world. 

Monday the 20th July 

Into the temperomandibular area and feeling a process that started yesterday in the hands-on session involving the ethmoid bone. Aware of Gaby’s sinuses and then moving directly into her C5. Feeling the pattern very clearly. The way parts of the bone are not integrated, they are restricted..separated from the flow and not yet merged. It is the usual feeling of damage, somewhere between chronic and acute, very simple. Going deeper into the area, feeling the edge of the dura mater, the membrane of the spinal cord, yet almost as the edge of the vertebra itself. Long periods of embracing and focusing on this pure, specific pattern.

Times when the energetic frequency rises within the cells, a process of harmonising and matching the vibration which is healing itself. Feeling the flow returning. No sense of delicacy or emotional charge or much texture other than the basic holding itself. The kernel of the damage. Moving into the atlantobasilar area at one point, some healing process there before returning to the C5. More expansive release at one point very clear and organised, not complete, as if waiting for readiness at another level. 

Wednesday the 22nd of July

More like an energetic massage today..through spine and pelvis and finally opening and releasing around base of occiput. Very peaceful and gentle.

Thursday the 23rd of July 

Sensation of suction happening, starting around T1 and travelling right down Gaby’s spine. Some form of reestablishment, felt like vacuum wrapping the spine. Focused more at L4 then the lumbosacral junction. After that finished, regular healing in specific area, T1 again until lovely release and back down to lumbosacral junction, very stiff feeling, not quite resolved, but enough. 

Friday the 24th of July

Felt that Gaby’s energy body is not yet entering her physical body fully. Has not chosen to because there are still things to learn and understand, and she can only perceive them when her soul has this freedom. There is no fear in this. 

Saturday the 25th of July 
soul journey

Sense of being above Gaby, in her energy, aware of her neck being disconnected, then gently landing around her head, at the temperomandibular joint area and sense of exploring around the outside, sinuses, then throat and chest, beginning to understand that the process is in her skin, a reawakening, gently radiating throughout her whole body, as well as focusing more into certain areas.. in her chest a long time, into the stomach area, but not going inside or from within as usual, it is a turning on of little lights, the external proprioceptors, travelling always over and into the surface only.

Down the front of her body and then up the back, most concentrated on the spinal area and shoulders and finally neck and occiput. Strange thing happened, when I was deeper into the source state, a sudden flip into what seemed to be a horse body..knowing it to be Ça va, back to the thoracic area we have been staying with in previous sessions, then dropping down into her lungs and a sense, like a huge moth being born from the cocoon, her lungs preparing themselves to kick into action. Like a huge heart readying itself to beat. It has been trapped and unable and now it is transforming into its true nature.

Sunday the 26th of July

I had been caring for one of Gabrielle’s mares, Ca va. She had been ill for a little while, and there was a soul connection with this and the accident. Ca va died peacefully on the 7th of August. It was an honour to care for her in her last weeks.

She left her physical body, which was no longer where she chose to be, continuing her soul journey. It was clear that her part was to be closer to Gaby, to support her in the spiritual dimension, and her transition was peaceful and perfect. 

soul journey

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