Some of the energetic sessions I have been blessed to experience for Gabrielle have been truly miraculous. Resetting the life spring was the name that came to me for what happened one day. It it was a genuine integration of all the dimensions. I was walking with my dogs, and I was called to visit the phenomenal tree in person. The session happened so deeply within the energetic connection that I had difficulty remembering what happened and putting it into words. 

the life spring

Since the accident happened and Gabrielle survived, in the following weeks she had a near death experience. In the experience she chose to stay here in this dimension. When the shock and the horror of what happened had settled, we were able to acknowledge that Licia opened a portal when she left. This portal was where Gabrielle went at this time of deciding her own future.

Gaby experienced the world beyond. Hearing her speak of it was one of the most emotional experiences I can remember in my life. It was like touching, through her, the truth of existence. That all those things we believe without physical evidence do exist. Angels and fairies and spirits of our loved ones. Our faith is rewarded.

There was a knowing that we can relax into our limited perspective and trust it to grow and expand. It will integrate with the world of spirit and the external world in ways we cannot even imagine.

Since the opening of this portal, the vibration of the energetic connection has soared into a new realm of possibility. The small human part of me keeps thinking, this will be the ceiling. That these experiences of energetic healing cannot become more magical, more marvellous than this. And yet they do! I do not feel this as my special gift, or my personal ability. I feel honoured to be the channel for this energy to run through me and manifest itself in this world. There is also a profound responsibility to interpret and record the sessions as faithfully and authentically as possible. 

Sensing Gaby sitting in the chair, feeling her occipital area and down her spine. Focusing around the lower thoracic area and then up into the upper thoracics. Becoming aware of the paralysis itself. It is a sense of hardened flow, aware of its unresponsiveness. Sense picture of Gaby in a crawling position, and the hardness of the upper thoracic area. Beginning to feel an inability of her system to orientate itself.. I cannot sense her orientation in space, it is constantly shifting, not able to settle in one place.

At some point an aspect of Gaby gets up out of the chair and stands, then walks.. her will/faith/self belief perhaps… she is not bound to the chair. Feeling again the unresponsive nature of the paralysis.. the crystals are not really engaging with this, well they are but on a level I can’t feel physically. Sense of waiting, still point.. then a misty energy swirls into Gaby’s body, a white, cold mist, a sense of being at the biochemical boundary, the edge, feeling the mist engaging.. integrating with the paralysis. Refining gradually back into the heart of the damage, at C5/6… feeling a sense of energy that is escaping into a huge area when it is normally organised into a comparatively tiny physical place in the body.. the spinal cord… it is somehow frozen and unresponsive in this state of escape.

There is a feeling of this energy loosening and coming back alive.. remembering about responsiveness, although not exploring it. Gradually becoming aware of a high tension alarm state.. as if there is an alarm going off through the central nervous system that has stayed on, one loud note, feeling how it is the spinal cord’s ultimate protection, to be in a state of extreme alarm, holding this against the forces against it. The crystals engage with this more physically, and slowly it quietens and relaxes. Now there is silence, a sense of emptiness, this is okay, it needs to be allowed to settle, to be in quiet, and the crystals disengage. 

Friday the 7th of August

The state of trauma, and how it affects the central nervous system, has always been of interest to me. The nervous system is the the physical manifestation of perception itself. The basic senses are the most simple way we can connect with the external world. There is so much more to perception, and our central nervous system provides us with a gateway to consciousness itself. This includes consciousness of our own physical body. Our nervous system is the physiological circuitry for our healing intelligence. How our own body knows itself. When it is damaged, traumatised or even unawakened, our innate capacity for healing is compromised.

How perfect and beautiful and obvious it is then, that the way back, the way forward, is always within consciousness itself. It can start with the choice to listen, then the will to listen establishes itself. And the ability to listen begins to develop.

In all of these phases the healing intelligence is coming closer. It is finding the pathways that are opening and infusing our system with wisdom.

This particular session embraced the state of trauma which was held within Gabrielle’s spinal cord. It was a live, direct acknowledgment of its arrival, and the way it was released. I was certain that her system would need to process and rest for some time. The very next day however, there was yet an another quantum leap of healing. I called this resetting the life spring

the life spring

Starting at the back of Gaby’s neck, very specific area, C5/6, as if it was opening up and we are going inside, right side only, sense of a vertical restriction.. could be the metal pin.. deep focus of energy in this area, eventual release feeling like liquid/energy pouring through the occiput into the right side of the cranium, widening out, realigning the parietal bones, and the TMJ. Now feeling C7 and a sense of major realignment.. vertical straightening.. happening up through her neck, mainly in the left side, and up into the hard palate. Bringing the new straightness into the whole area, sense of this being older than the accident.

Coming into the atlantobasilar junction and feeling the gravity of the  physical trauma in the cranial base, moving through, following the occiput underneath until reaching the sphenobasilar junction. First feeling the occipital part of the joint, very specifically exploring it, and then eventually up into the sphenoid and feeling the damage, expressing itself as an anticlockwise turning, a loss of balance and function and realisation that the joint itself is broken, like a broken spring. Understanding at some point that this is why Gaby has the occasional loss of blood pressure.

Feeling into this anticlockwise turning which radiates out through into cranium and neck, idea to take a different route and walk up to the phenomenal tree, when we find her I put one hand on the oak part and one hand on the Scots Pine. Immediately feel a powerful clockwise movement, perceiving how this is relating into Gaby’s system.. feels like it is simply powering itself inside of her and redirecting the sense of the turn entirely… can no longer feel the anticlockwise motion at all, there is only clockwise. After a while I no longer need to touch the tree, and walking back there is an incredible process of integration, the clockwise movement is being absorbed into a every part of her neck and head, into her chest/solar plexus area and right down deep into the cranial mechanism.

There is a sense of it becoming innate.. and as it does this there is less and less movement, the movement is becoming the structure. There is also the knowledge that this is much more than a repair, it is a restructuring, a creation of a whole new form and function. Eventually the focus becomes more and more precise, right into one specific area, the C5/C4, right into the spinal cord there, we have come a full spiral from the beginning, and when this has equalised and processed there is a sense of deep bruising of the occiput, around the base, and the gradual softening of that. A sense that her system would carry on and on forever today, there is such power there.

Saturday the 8th of August 

Gaby and I have always taken on horses who were compromised in some way. Some had physical or emotional difficulties that made them struggle to fit in with human expectations. Others were simply not willing to be exploited and had developed behavioural defences. We learned such priceless lessons from all of these horses. They were the foundation.

One day we decided to look for what we thought of as talented horses. The modern sports horses who were specially conceived of and conceived, to meet human expectations. We found Quaramba and Djinnie at the international Haras de Hus and they were six months old. At the time we were still holding on to our expectations in terms training, yet the girls created themselves an exceptional life.

They grew up in a herd and were never shod or shut in a stable. Neither of them have ever been medicated or even fed grain. Both girls have grown up into intelligent and beautiful mares. Somehow, with everything that has happened, and the paths that have opened up for us, in different places and at different times, both Gaby and I have only sat on Djinnie and Quaramba one time each. This feels perfect, as none of us is ready for the next chapter yet. 

the life spring
Quaramba with Gabrielle last year, and beautiful Djinnie

This morning I was talking to Gaby and she told me of a dream she had last night. In the dream the original versions of Quaramba and Djinnie were still there, yet there were now two perfect little models of them. Each about the size of a miniature pony. They were perfect little models of the horses, and there was a sense of potential and miracles around them. There was a feeling that we would be able to do everything we had always dreamed of now. Perhaps these little ones were the blueprints… or holograms that were upgrading themselves to this moment in time. Maybe the dream was indicating that everything is perfectly in place to fill in the gaps and unfold so that we can understand how to work with horses in dialogue and mutual choice.

the life spring

We talked about how horses are taken up with survival in the same way as we are. How their energy is channeled into eating and living, just as many of us humans are still stuck in lives of making ends meet.

Perhaps some of the reluctance we have found in horses for devoting their energy into being ridden mirrors our own reluctance to transcend our intellectual mind.

I was remembering what I had learned about the tension spring within the horses, and the way the engagement itself can release this. The way each horse has a vision within themselves of perfect balance. There is so much potential in this exploration. There has been so much preparation. I can feel that together we will discover the way with horses where we can genuinely celebrate our physicality within the energetic connection. 

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