One day in the aftermath of what happened to Gabrielle and Licia, I was wondering how different our lives could be if we were genuinely able to go beyond death. To live our lives knowing death as a passageway, not as a loss.

beyond death

Many of us have experienced the energetic existence of beings that we knew before in their physical body. We have felt them and we know that they are there, just on a different plane of existence. They are perceivable, but not using our ordinary senses.

It may seem that this would never be enough, because these experiences are fleeting. How could this ever be the same as the physical embodiment? Perhaps this is only because we have simply not yet not developed our ability to feel their presence.

The night I heard about the accident, one of my Italian greyhounds, Wilma, was very ill. She had been in another fight, and there was something seriously wrong. I could feel it, and I worked with her for a long time. It still did not occur to me that the choice to stay or go was her own. Is this because she was my closest dog friend, that she was still so young, so vibrant. We had been through many such passages together. I was still encumbered with expectations about death.

I had to go and support Gaby and my family, and Wilma waited until she was in the surgery at the vets to slip away, as she always did when she had somewhere she had chosen to go. Afterwards I knew she left to be with Licia.. maybe she could feel the open portal.

Did they find their way together in the world of free souls? Every experience of death is another opportunity to go beyond death and understand the Universe. It is a glimpse between the cracks when we can decide to listen and understand.

beyond death

In the week that unfolded it was the responsibility of our families to organise a funeral service for Licia. The energy that was available to us was so vast, the energy that comes from love. Although it felt surreal, and as if we were walking through the valley of death, there was always a sense of being held, of being carried even. That all was still well, no matter how terrible the shadows were. The service was deeply emotional, the grief and shock of loss was acknowledged, and shining through the cracks in our collective heart, there was a celebration of her short yet marvellous life. 

The energy that has been there for Gaby’s energetic sessions almost every single day, without hesitation, is remarkable.

Feeling Gaby as if she was lying curled round, her knees up on the bed. Sense of her spine, and into shoulders. Long time feeling holding in both shoulders equally until softening. Slowly focus going into her neck, one crystal more strongly engaging (moonstone) and then other with frozenness. After a while felt Licia come on to Gaby’s chest. She wrapped her arms around Gaby’s neck and I could feel their love so strongly. So sweet and pure. So real. Licia was healing Gaby. Healing her neck and her spiritual heart. Slowly, slowly the movement  began to come back. At first when she landed Licia felt like a big butterfly, touching down so delicately, and then she seemed to lower her wings and make the decision to stay. She dissolved herself into Gaby’s energy and I could feel she would never leave. Eventually the crystals became lighter, more disengaging than Gaby’s neck lightening. The frozenness was melted, and the movement returning, now rest. 

Wednesday the 15th of July

Long time before energy came to connect. Felt spinal cord from sacrum to around T4 as a shiny hard residue.. felt like frozen engine oil, or plastic that had melted and then gone hard. Long time supporting it, felt it as a residue that needed to be evacuated, but there was no sense of how. Mother Willow came into my mind so I showed it to her and she showed how to take it to the edge.. between the wood and the bark it is porous. We focused on that for a while, at the edge of the spinal cord in the membrane… still no way out. Going smaller and smaller into the cells. Then feeling Gaby standing up energetically, long time to stabilise within the spinal cord itself…then felt her going on to all fours like a cat, her neck was coming into the sensation at this point, weaker than the rest. Then a layer of the hardness left her body and floated away into the sky. Then  I realised that it wasn’t a residue but the nature of the spinal cord and that it needs to move – stretch and exercise itself to heal… I could feel it doing that and then some movement – softening happened. There was still hardness and rigidity, but the pathway for change has opened. Crystals disengaged then. 

Friday the 17th of july

Feeling a geometrically even channel in the middle of Gaby’s body. It came through instantly. Feels non physical.. strong like metal yet also like light. Most intense in the middle of the lumbar spine. It is beginning to stretch and it shifts almost instantly (unfelt) into a sheet which stretches from Gaby’s feet to her shoulders. The idea that it is a circuitry, a blueprint comes. The deepest source of Gaby’s body. Where spirit meets body? Feeling concentration at the top of the sheet where the shoulders are. Beginning to feel the sheet in one crystal, and the physical body in the other. Feeling changes in Gaby’s shoulders and neck. Like before, the sheet is suddenly going right up to Gaby’s head. The focus in the sheet is Gaby’s neck. Now it stretches further and at some point there was an image of another body.. upright.. difficult to understand. Focus came back and went into her cranial mechanism. Feeling the cervical vertebrae, then the temporal bones, then the parietals and finally the sphenoid in the ‘physical’ crystal. Going deep into the sphenobasilar junction and feeling it coming to life. The sheet crystal detached first, and then gradually the physical one. 

Saturday the 18th of July

Some healing in myself first then straight into Gaby’s neck area, her healing intelligence exploring.. her neck, her cranium, occipital area.. seeking to connect, feeling compression in atlantobasilar area pushing us out, gently finding a way in and settling into a sense of profound physical compression through her neck. Going into this compression there was a clear sense of travelling into a different layer, going deeper and larger at the same time..realising we were going into the blueprint. Different energetic vibration.. more like soul. Staying with this and sensing a process, understanding it was the blueprint searching for the frequency.. felt it going through, just like a radio, different channels, seeking clarity, purity of expression. New vibration for Gaby.. her neck alone or her body or her whole being? Do not know.. felt crystals taking on each dimension, Lili the rose quartz was the blueprint and blue agate was the physical. Seemed like this process was also a releasing of trauma, because we began to move into different areas, first experiencing a chaos, a loss of coherence, and then finding a beautiful sense of comfort and familiarity also. Like being curled up in your own bed. This happened first in the lower neck around C7 and into Gaby’s shoulders, then lower into the lumbothoracic junction, and then finally back into the C5 area of Gaby’s neck including her occiput. Amazing sense of reanimation now in this area, a golden glow happening, and diffusing through the torso..then going back across into the physical dimension and feeling the cranial rhythm returning in a new way. Gradual disengaging.

Sunday 19th of July
beyond death

It is difficult to make connections when we are so deep within the process, but looking back through the messages on the facebook messenger update group I saw that it was the 20th of July that Gaby came off the respirator and was able to breathe and eat on her own.

She was still having the oxygen mask for periods of the day, but the tube that caused her so much suffering was out. The miracle of that day is unforgettable. 

Meditating with the herd.. going beyond words..going beyond death…inviting Gaby in and feel her form as light.. beautiful blue/white misty infusion.. feeling thousands of butterflies landing on the horses and then the ancient tree wisdom in form of forest all around us. Eventually Licia came, her Self, in energy all around us, through us.

2nd of August


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