Horse Is Moving Straight
Sculpting your leg will help you to find the alignment in your inner pillar.

UK Clinic

Engagement from correcting rider’s weight

In the UK we were working in a more traditional lesson format.

We were working mainly on the riders postural alignment and taking that through to engaging the horses. There were horses (and riders) of all different ages and abilities. When the riders were able to straighten themselves longitudinally and correct their weight laterally, the horses began to engage themselves.

This process never grows old, it seems like magic when a rider can ‘plug-in’ and influence the horse to connect too. It is a very intrinsic process, having nothing to do with fiddling or manipulating the horse externally.  The riders did a great job and the horses responded beautifully.

Thank you so much Fiona Greaves for fantastic organisation and hospitality!

Connecting with Izzy in California

US Clinic

Holistic Horsemanship Clinics
CranioSacral Therapy for Galileo in California

In California the Holistic Horsemanship Clinics were in perfect alignment with the participants wishes. There was time and opportunity to assess the whole horse, including their lifestyle and training.

This allowed the ideal evolution of energy healing, groundwork and riding sessions. The careful and appropriately process over several days meant each partnership could benefit in the most profound way possible. We had a fantastic week!

Thank you Lenn Judd and Bethany Pappani-Judd for your wonderful hospitality!

Holistic Horsemanship Clinics
Reaching the longitudinal stretch with Habanero and Jo

France Clinic

Holistic Horsemanship Clinics
Releasing trauma associated with the bridle

Our main focus at the Holistic Horsemanship Clinics in Poitiers was addressing trauma (horses showing signs of PTSD , post traumatic stress disorder). Although it sounds complicated, this is a common syndrome in domesticated horses because our human expectations are often highly stressful for them.

We had some magical transformations just through being present and listening to the horse’s boundaries. This approach is particularly enjoyable because it is so real, and everyone there feels included.

Thank you for all your wonderful work Joanne Glover!

Connecting with a young stallion through energetic awareness and touch

Sweden Clinic

Reaching the ultimate goal of engagement after several phases of the holistic approach.

In Sweden everyone was incredibly enthusiastic to embrace the holistic concepts. The Holistic Horsmanship Clinics concept was embraced by everyone. Each horse and human was able to work on their own specific issues and evolve at the pace that was right for them.

Sometimes when the trust bond can be forged in a very basic way, even before any equipment is involved. Then the rest can move forward very quickly and a surprisingly advanced level of work is accomplished. The beauty is that there are no rules and no agenda other than seeking to make the best rapport possible.

Most of the participants were able to see the change in quality of the individual horses’ energy. This magical quality enhances everything, from their movement to their personality.

Thank you very much Ann-Britt Bolinder for hosting the clinic so successfully!

Holistic Horsemanship Clinics
Discovering the Longitudinal Stretch

Corpus Christi
Texas Clinic

The Energetic Connection
Andie on the way to creating her own energetic connection with Frankly.

We had a wonderful time in Texas. There was so much understanding and belief in the holistic path. The Holistic Horsemanship Clinics focus was about introducing the last piece of the puzzle, straightness in the horse through straightness in the human. This dropped everything else into place like dominoes.

We had some truly magical sessions with the mustangs, allowing them to fully express their opinions, and some lovely groundwork and bitless riding too. The incredible facilities were a bonus!

Thank you so much Sharon Miller and Allison Elizabeth Kraft for everything!