Holistic Horse Boarding is the ethical modern answer for horse guardians everywhere. Horses living in the wild have adapted over millenia to survive and flourish in certain environmental conditions. This means that their physical and psychological make-up can only
function at its optimum within those conditions.

Holistic horse boarding gives domestic horses the best life possible. It is a responsible and rewarding way to have horses in our lives.

Happy horses then make happy humans when we come to interact and work with them.

They will be healthier and more relaxed in most situations. The only caveat is that holistic horses definitely have more personality and ask us to raise our game and become as sensitive and aware as they are.

This is a magical opportunity which can transform our whole life! Holistic horses are much sounder and fitter. Their digestive systems are robust and their lungs are clean. They don’t need constant pampering just to stay healthy because they are living the life they are designed for. It’s simple. Horses need other horses, liberty, shelter and food.

We offer a rare and valuable service to those horse guardians who would love for their horses to become more experienced with handling, ground work and riding in an ethical way. Most horse owners are careful about where they send their horses to be trained because they know how easy it is for things to go wrong.

At Happy Horse Happy Human we love and cherish horses as much as their owners. We are experienced in putting their needs first and finding new ways to listen to them. It is the partnership between guardian and horse that is valuable, so bringing that relationship into a more balanced and inspired place is our passion.

We want to help you to be able to work with your horse and feel great about it.

We also understand that humans have boundaries too, and we are happy to help you out at whatever stage of the holistic path you may be on. Although we believe deeply in what we do, we understand that all horse guardians are on the path that is right for them.

  • Figure out whatever might be blocking a trusting, harmonious relationship and support you both in resolving those blocks.
  • Give you and your horse tools to release tension and build trust.
  • Help you discover straightness and postural engagement.
  • Introduce you to a profound and magical way of communicating with and knowing your horse.

Live-in with the resident herd and enjoy a fully holistic life.

These horses must be barefoot for the safety of everyone. This is ideal for longer term boarders who will have the chance to fully integrate with the herd.

Horse Guardian

Stay in our specially adapted free-range park

for visiting horses where there is open shelter, safe and secure fencing, hay-station and grazing. This is ideal for competition horses who may be shod and staying a shorter time.

  • High quality ad-lib hay, fed via slow-feeding stations.
  • Extensive stable-free terrain with shelter and secure fencing.
  • 24/7 supervision and experienced holistic care.