Online Course Video

In my online course video I am telling the story of how Awakening Your Energetic Connection came into being. The course is about waking up our inherent ability to perceive energy.

Whether that is within our own systems, other people, animals or trees.

Please note that I am developing the format of the course so it is currently unavailable. Contact me for more info.

This Online Course can open up so many opportunities

  • Learning the tools you need to become able to perceive your own system.
  • How to facilitate a healing process.
  • Developing the ability to sense the energetic boundaries of other living beings.
  • Becoming acquainted with crystals and the way they can assist in a healing process.
  • The opportunity to understand your own individual talent in perceiving the energetic world.
  • Exploring more about the energetic perspective as well as being able to experience it!
  • Meeting like-minded people and be able to share your breakthrough experiences.
  • Attaining the energetic vibration with which you can create profound relationships with others.
  • Understanding more about your authentic self and experiencing how you can access who you truly are.
  • Integrating energetic practice into your everyday world, and see the way your life is transformed.

More Features Of The Course

  • The course can be purchased as a whole or in two parts.
  • Ten topics are divided into twenty emails available whenever you wish.
  • Step by step instruction and extra resources are provided.
  • The course is colourful, informative and interactive.
  • Membership to the Awakening Your Energetic Connection Facebook Group.
  • User friendly forms so you can receive your completion certificate(s).
  • Exciting assignments and exercises throughout the course.


Awakening Your Energetic Connection online course includes detailed explanations and information about perceiving energy. Each email is colourfully illustrated with beautiful photographs and easy to read text. There are further resources for enthusiastic participants as well as exclusive membership in the Facebook group “Awakening your Energetic Connection”. The group is a resource base as well as providing support from other participants and the opportunity to have all your questions answered.


The online course includes detailed assignments for each topic. Assignments are designed to help participants discover everything they need about themselves to initiate and progress their energetic awakening. As well as this there are user friendly online forms to record your assignment experiences and send back to receive your end of course certificate of completion. There is a certificate for both part 1 and Part 2 of the course.


The exercises for the online course give you a step by step, carefully structured pathway into developing your energetic ability. Participants will discover how to perceive their own system as well as others. They will explore energetic boundaries and non-living systems as well as learning how to use the energetic perspective in their everyday practical life. The course also includes instruction in the concept of healing and working with crystals.

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