We often think that to be safe with horses we have to be aware of the dangers. Most of us were told before our first encounter with a horse never to stand behind them because they kick. To always to present the palm of our hand when feeding a treat because they might bite our fingers. It is better not to sit on the ground, but crouch if you have to, or you might be trampled.

This advice is certainly sensible in a world where events are random and horses and their actions are strangers to us. Yet there is a different way to perceive the world. There is a way of being around horses that is safe because it feels safe. Then all the events that happen are in alignment with that feeling.

Safe With Horses

The key to embracing safety rather than avoiding danger is being in the place of stillness where you can hear what is happening around you.

Slow down and connect yourself first with everything directly around you. Feel the ground and imagine rooting deep down into it, breathe the air and feel it cycle right through your body.

Wait until that stillness descends upon you, or grows inside you, and harmonises you with everything within and without.

Trust is a dialogue, you must give it to receive it and be able to receive it to give.

Physically there are many ways to connect with a horse that embrace safety.

  • We can share breath with them: breathing in their out-breath and submitting our out-breath back to them. If they accept, then they are willing to be guided by us.
  • Touch and pressure in a therapeutic way which brings pleasure and comfort to a horse.
  • Being straight together in movement enhancing balance and boosting feelings of well-being and harmony.

Transmitting The Sense of Safety

When you reach that state of being-ness, then you are ready to allow your awareness to reach out to the horse. Become sensitive and listen, let yourself hear them. Find the ability to know them in a way that lets you understand them. Wait for them.

When we becoming willing to hear the horse’s boundaries and accept them, then our safety becomes a natural part of the relationship. We are respected because we show respect, we are heard because we have listened and we are felt because we have sensed what exists. The horse will match us in stillness and take us even further into that place. 

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